Australis Imaginarium Pre-order special!

Australis Imaginarium is off to the printers, so it’s time to offer a special pre-order price! RRP is $24.95 plus P&H, but if you order before July 31, you can grab yourself a discount! Overseas postage isn’t cheap I’m afraid, but it *is* available, and if you choose to pick up at Aussiecon 4, you save a bundle on postage AND get a discount! Select from the drop down:

RRP + Postage
with Australian P&H $25.95 with NZ/Asia Pacific P&H $32.95 with Rest of the World P&H $37.45 Pick up at Aussicon 4 $22.95


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2 responses to “Australis Imaginarium Pre-order special!

  1. Anonymous

    yay! have ordered two!

  2. Anonymous


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