We shall call it a lovely weekend…

 … in which I socialise and enjoy family time but don’t achieve very much of anything else at all.

We started yesterday with mummy-pancakes followed by a visit to the Hyundai dealer. A visit that was supposed to entail a test drive and some chatting turned into a somewhat extended and rather expensive visit. We will next week take possession of a two year old eight-seater IMAX (which makes me giggle on so MANY levels!). It was also expensive because hubby dropped his iPhone on the asphalt and shattered the screen *sigh* Lucky Twitter came up with a solution to the problem (iPhone doctor in Sydney – about an eighth of the price to replace), and when we got home I found an old 3G phone that still sort of works, which means I don’t have to give MINE up for a week while he’s at work! Oh, and Master Seven lost his third tooth, which is a top front one, and now looks like a complete thug!

From there we went to AquaJetty and all enjoyed a lovely indoor swim – Bub had his FIRST swim (dressed fetchingly in his sister’s old swimming cossie cos I can’t find the boy-ish ones!) and thoroughly enjoyed it! Lucky he’s so chubby, he didn’t get cold at all! He also enjoyed his first shower – he’s only had baths at home, so the pool shower was a novel experience 🙂 Big kids went up and down the slide about a million times – wore them out nicely.

After ducking home to drop the family off I went off to the shops to try to find a post office open to send off iPhone (no luck). Ended up in Target instead and got a super bargain on a new baby thingie – it’s called a "Backyard Bounce Bounce Baby" and it looks kind of like a walker except it’s stationary (which I like). Bub’s feet can push against the inset base to bounce 🙂 Half price! Bargain.

Hubby and Master Seven went to the (very infrequent) Rugby League NRL game up in Perth with Miss Four’s best friend’s older brother and dad in the evening, and bub, M4 and I spent a couple of hours at their place. Packed them home about 7.30pm, and actually went to bed at a reasonable hour! Boys came home about 10.30pm I think – thoroughly enjoyed it, even though they froze!

Today started a bit slowly. Hubby and son were a bit weary after their "late" night (hee, I remember when 10.30 was the time the night BEGAN!), but eventually we bundled into the car and drove to the local rugby field to watch the 9 year old friend from Sat night play his own local game. He’s actually quite good, and very suited to League. Was pretty chilly, and when it started to rain, we bailed. My philosophy is when it’s not your kid, you’re not obligated to stay when it rains! We headed to Mandurah and fleetingly visited  /  and   to drop off Tupperware. Then we ended up at Hogsbreath for lunch (kids free, and nicer than Rockingham’s).

Came home from there to head straight to a Tupperware party (one of the bookings from my party) which was fun. Home again, then off up to Perth to have dinner at one of hubby’s work mate’s place! Turns out it was for his birthday – he wasn’t going to say anything but his cousin was with us and blew the secret! Was very pleasant and big kids were good, even though their kids are 9 & 13 – nice family. Bub was a bit cranky though – think he’d had enough of being out this weekend!

And so it’s now Sunday night and I’m folding washing that somehow got done throughout the weekend, am marvelling at the fact that eating away from home three times in six meals means there’s very few dishes to do, and figuring out what I need to do before bed to make sure tomorrow runs smoothly (I’m working!). And very little else got done. Managed to send off some proofs for Australis Imaginarium, and input all recommendations for the Eligible Works for the Ditmars spreadsheet as they came, and a bit of judging reading. But boy howdy, hasn’t the end of JUNE come around quickly!!


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2 responses to “We shall call it a lovely weekend…

  1. Anonymous

    Yes, he looks like a complete thug…a too cute for words, want to ruffle his hair and pinch his cheeks like a maiden aunt, kind of a thug!
    Your other boy was obviously a little embarrassed at being seen in public in his sister’s swimmers, look at those rosy cheeks!!

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