Week 21 (on time for once!)

 I’ve been sick this past three days. And my kids totally stepped up! Miss Four was a legend, playing peacefully or watching telly on her own while I caught a few naps while Bub was napping on Wednesday, when it first hit, and all three of them were so good when I felt so rotten. I’m heaps better today, but got nothing done cos Bub has a touch of it now, and was alternately screaming and sleeping for much of the day. A little frustrating as it’s one of only two days I’ve just got him home, and I usually get lots done, but I completely understand how he’s feeling, poor bub. 

I had planned to go see my auntie, who’s just out of hospital from major surgery, this weekend, but spoke to my uncle and said we’d best not, in case we’re still buggy – big kids haven’t shown any symptoms yet, so whether it’s bypassed them or whether it’s coming is too much of a risk to take! So no real plans now, other than a visit to Miss Four’s best friend’s house on Sunday to meet their new puppy. So might just spend the weekend catching up on washing and ironing etc, and hopefully lots of reading for Australis Imaginarium! And I really need to get some podcasts done. Hopefully will feel up to that tomorrow night!

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