Um, Week 20?

It’s been busy πŸ™‚ Bub turned 20 weeks on Friday and I think he’s having a growth spurt. Seems to be hungrier than usual (although as I was not home for three days or so, was a bit hard to judge what his father was feeding him!) and waking up earlier and a bit at night (although resettling well). He was looking really pudgy yesterday, but not so much today – maybe he lengthened overnight! He’s definitely a mummy’s boy – although he’s fine when I’m gone, he wants me as soon as I come home (which is nice).

So we didn’t get sick last weekend (but I’m glad we took the precautions anyway). Had a very peaceful Saturday and Sunday, mostly at home with a good walk on Sunday to the shops for groceries. I also managed to finally get the front lawn mowed! Monday saw us in Kwinana for Miss Four’s first ballet recital. Heh. Was amusing. They were very cute, but absolutely hopeless. They still got a medal though. I then took Master Seven and his mate (Miss Four’s best friend’s older brother) to Prince of Persia, while the other family stayed at ballet for a while then took the girls home. I quite enjoyed the movie actually (although I had a few groan moments and was disappointed at the lack of women bar the lead girl) – and Jake Gyllenhaal is hot hot hot!!

Had to get the babysitter Tuesday afternoon to go to a WASLA meeting in North Perth. Most interesting, although I had to leave before the end, and hubby still beat me home! I got called in to work on Wednesday morning, which was great for me although not awesome for hubby, cos he then had to wrangle the three kids, including an early pickup from school for Master Seven, in order to pick his aunty up from the airport! He coped admirably (of course – heck, *I* do it all the time!). I then worked Thursday as well, and had visitors for dinner in the evening, which was lovely, and then aunty and I went shopping (scoping for  ‘s Power and Majesty – which I found, and also found  ‘s Legends of Australian Fantasy too!). 

Was prepared to say no to work on Friday – went and picked up some photos of the kids first thing, and had just said "Let’s go have lunch on the foreshore" to hubby and aunty when work rang to ask me in for a half day! Actually worked out quite well (although I was NOT impressed with the little beggars in one class!). Really enjoyed being back at work – felt like coming home, to be honest, and not at all like I’d been away almost half a year!

Yesterday was flat out. Cleaning and shopping in the morning, in preparation for my Tupperware party. Hubby buggered off with aunty (darn him!) right when I was trying to prep all the food, but I coped. Once the guests arrived I barely saw any child for the duration – bubba was most happy being passed around the party guests, Miss Four had not one but TWO wonderful playmates, and Master Seven had a playmate plus a spare for a time! Got a great turn out to the party, and caught up with some friends I hadn’t seen in ages, which was lovely. Food was eaten, wine was drunk. Good fun!

Today has been fairly quiet again. Bit of cooking (including trying out  ‘s awesome peach muffins!), some cleaning and washing, and lots of baby cuddles. Had thought to take aunty out for a drive around, but that didn’t happen. Coloured my hair tonight instead πŸ™‚ Will do better tomorrow, and have to take her to the airport tomorrow night. She’s been a lovely houseguest – great with the kids, and very easy to talk to. She’s only the third member of hubby’s family I’ve ever met. (the rest of the ones I’ve not yet met are not nearly as lovely, according to all reports!). 

Think we’ll head south to show aunty a bit more of the place before she leaves tomorrow night. Ooh, and I just got news that it looks like I’ll be getting an expenses paid trip to Sydney in August for a national meeting! This is most exciting. I’m going to see if we can go early and stay late, and I’ll book hubby and the kids to come with and see all the family! Great opportunity (also, Neil Gaiman is doing a festival in Sydney that weekend, so will see if I can work that in somehow!) πŸ™‚ Busy busy…


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2 responses to “Um, Week 20?

  1. Anonymous

    Omg Gwynnie looks so like you, that tilt of her head and the proud grin in her fairy costume.

  2. Anonymous

    *ears prick up*
    Excuse to go to Sydney? August, did you say? Neil Gaiman?
    Awww, shucks, Sydney Opera House, I can’t take a two year old to that!!!
    Humph πŸ˜‰

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