Week 19

Having a very peaceful day today – was supposed to be going to   &  ‘s engagement celebration tonight, but am very concerned that we’ve been ultra exposed to the vomiting bug that’s going around (Miss Four’s best mate at school went home with it yesterday, among others) and didn’t want to risk passing it around (or leaving the kids at about the time they’ll come down with it!). Am disappointed to miss it as I was really looking forward to catching up with everyone 😦 Ah, the joys of children.

Bub is doing well – starting to really nom his "solids" (mashed up banana a definite favourite) and getting the wriggles. He charmed everyone at work yesterday when I went it (had appointment with principal about return to work options) and is a big timewaster! 

Had a good week of some catch up. Thursday at story time turned into a morning with Miss Four’s best friend and mum, and the afternoon with   and her boys. Really have to get some organising done this weekend as hubby’s aunt is coming to visit for a week next week and we’ve nowhere for her to sleep! Looks like I might get a day or two at work next week as well, and then Saturday is my Death by Chocolate Tupperware party (if you live locally to us and didn’t get an invite on Facebook, and would like to come for coffee, wine and much food, let me know!). Busy week ahead, must be prepared!


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4 responses to “Week 19

  1. Anonymous

    Shame you won’t be there tonight – was finally going to pass back your book!!

  2. Anonymous

    shame to not see you too! Though i do appreciate your care and caution! Thanks!

  3. Anonymous

    Might have found the right lady, merc broken down, hoolies, beach, shivers… oh 4 double oh 757 one nine one…

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