Week 17

Bubs had a busy week – he had inoculations on Monday, and was weighed and measured at the child health nurse on Wednesday. Ahem. He’s a big boy. Right at the top of all the comparatives. Hitting all his milestones nicely – and he’s sleeping so wonderfully at night – 11-12 hours is now standard – I love him so much! Means when I get to bed at a reasonable hour, I get a great sleep! Awesome 🙂

What else happened this week? Um, not too much – lots of FableCroft stuff for me – ballet dress rehearsal for Miss Four, very busy weekend with the afternoon at a friends with lots of other people and lots of kids, and then all day today out – first at   and  ‘s (great conversation, kids were brilliant) and then back to same friends to go to the ballet thing. So haven’t had much home time. But DID borrow the final eps of Battlestar Galactica at LAST! Guess what I’m watching now 🙂


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