Galactic Suburbia Episode 6 talkback!

If you aren’t listening to the Galactic Suburbia podcast (by  ,   and Alex), I highly recommend it! Not just because they’re my friends (although it’s fun to listen to them have a chat every fortnight), but also because they talk about some really great stuff. In the latest episode, they talk about book reviewing as their pet topic, which I found fascinating, but so much more beforehand. And it’s like that every fortnight – lots of interesting topics, a heap of information, and a lovely chat 🙂

I’ve been meaning to respond to the podcasts for a while now, because I often find myself chatting back to the podcast (and yes, sometimes shouting at them!), so tonight I finally did so, as a vodcast. I can’t figure out a way to upload it anywhere to link to it, but maybe the Galactic Suburbia crew with talk about it next episode! 

It’s free on iTunes, and if you google it you’ll find it online too. Go! Subscribe!


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2 responses to “Galactic Suburbia Episode 6 talkback!

  1. Anonymous

    Haha, I talk back to it, too. Hooray, I am not the only loony one!
    Lucky I’m not chatting to them in real life, though, because you can’t pause actual people while you clean up beads from a necklace that the Small One has destroyed and sent spraying in all directions, or replay bits of conversation you missed on the heels of a tantrum which goes something like, “PLEASE WATCH BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP NOW AAAAHHH WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” etc.
    Which reminds me, if you want to see a bizarre, hilarious version of baa baa black sheep, check it out:

    The Small One demands her daily dose of it and it makes her father insane 😀

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