Week 16

Where does the time go? For starters, this is two days late, as we’ve been away down south for the weekend. Bub travelled beautifully and we had such a nice relaxing time. Gorgeous surrounds, cozy cottage with all the bits and pieces you could want (not much internet access, though it came and went outside enough to check email and twitter etc every so often!). Master Seven most happy as he got to catch some trout (although Miss Four caught the biggest one!) and I got to finish Battlestar Galactica Season 4 part 1 and read half a big fat fantasy. Most pleasant, even if the organising to get there and the washing and unpacking when coming home takes FOREVER! 

Bub is off to doctor tomorrow for his needles, poor fella, but hopefully he won’t react too badly. He’s had a bit of a cough and snuffle the past week or so (had a sicky day on Tuesday, with lots of chucks, which seemed to be the start of it) and, most amusingly, lost his voice! I shouldn’t laugh, but it is really funny to hear a little baby crying with a hoarse/no voice! It’s most squeaky 🙂

Am slowly getting the FableCroft Publishing and Worlds Next Door websites organised. Replied to an email from site hosting place today for a bit more info for the FableCroft site. Worlds Next Door gets its own site because of all the teaching materials that will go up there, and I don’t want them cluttering up the main site. We’re getting some podcasts of some stories, and have lots of stuff ready to go already thanks to my wonderful contributors (some of whom are teachers and/or librarians themselves and wonderful sharers!). And my Twitter buddies rock in helping me sort this stupid thing! 🙂

Haven’t had any relief work at school yet, which I’m a bit sad about – yes, I miss it! Hopefully soon…

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