Week 15

And all’s well! Better than well – bub is sleeping around 12 hours each night, and so is the most wonderful child in the world 🙂 I still can’t get to bed before 11pm, which is frustrating, but at least I’m getting at least six hours unbroken sleep a night!

Why aren’t I going to bed? Well, I have 150 books (YA and Children’s) to read in the next couple of months – I can now announce that I am a judge for the 2009 WA Premier’s Book Awards! I have a bookcase full of wonderful books which I have already started to enjoy. Obviously I won’t be talking about them during the judging process, but there will be lots of reading going on behind the scenes! This is on top of the review books that keep coming in – lucky I’m a fast reader and am on maternity leave!

Then there’s the stuff I’m doing to get FableCroft Publishing up and running. My first book, Worlds Next Door, went to the printer on Thursday night, which is very exciting. Now I move into full reading mode for Australis Imaginarium, and getting the website done is a priority too. I’ve also been doing some proofing for   and work for WASLA and ASLA, so have been keeping busy!

This week too, I booked my plane tickets for Worldcon – unfortunately my big plans for a driving trip across to Tassie, then to Worldcon, Sydney and QLD have been skittled by my darling husband (*sigh*), so I’ll be going to Melbourne with just the baby while he’s home with the big kids. We’re hoping instead to have a short family trip to Tassie in July.

Hmmm. Best go do some of that work then!

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One response to “Week 15

  1. Anonymous

    So glad you’re going to WorldCon, hopefully will get a chance to meet you (and the baby…I love other people’s babies).
    Just a tip, there is a small problem with planning a road trip to Tasmania…called the Bass Strait *bwhahaha*.
    I’m sorry, distracted by Dr Who watching…jokes are really bad tonight!

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