Weight week 1

Well I’m two days late with the update, and I’m not going to do measurements every week, just weight. Jenny Craig does measurements once a month, so that’s what I’ll do I think. Lost one kg last week, but I actually felt heaps better for the adjustments I made. Walked almost every day (dusted of the pedometer to keep me honest!) and ate heaps more veggies than I have been doing. Still eating too much, still having trouble with snacking at night, but better, overall I think. I’m *thinking* about stuff like food and exercise and when I can make opportunities to walk, or what do make for dinner etc, which I wasn’t before.

Had great walk this afternoon, down on the beach, dragging the pram around on the sand – excellent exercise! Plus got to look at clever sculptures using recycled materials which the kids enjoyed too. Not sure whether the lovely casserole-y stew we’ve been having for dinner is as weight-loss friendly as I’d like, but it’s chocked with veggies, so that’s a start! Am loving my slow-cooker 🙂

Got a letter from Jenny Craig today offering $50 off the first week of food. Still debating whether to go on the program for a few weeks to kick start my portion control or not. Will think about it.

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