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One of those days

Busy today. Started at about 4am with an early wakeup (precipitated by "still on work time sleeping schedule* husband wandering the house in the wee hours). Got Master Seven ready for school, got Miss Four organised for a big day, and played with the baby. Took Bub and M4 to National Simultaneous Storytime at our local library (we usually go on Thursdays, but thought it might be nice to do it on the proper day), which was fun. The home to wait for M4’s best friend and her mum to go up to watch the Dora the Explorer "live" show. Kids loved it. I almost fell asleep, despite the incredible noise! But they enjoyed it, which is why we did it ๐Ÿ™‚ Then it was home, only to turn around an hour or so later when babysitter arrived, to go out to Gold Class for Robin Hood, which I quite enjoyed, although I felt that, despite the already long length, that there were some important bits missing. In fact, I think it would have made an EXCELLENT (if expensive) television series – one season, with the same basic story, but with a lot more secondary character development (and some more women would have been nice) and relationship development. That’s just me though.

So that was my day. And despite being really really tired, I’m still up, because I’m watching the Lost season finale. Even though I’ve never seen an episode before. And even though I missed the first hour of this one. The things we do!


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What do we call typos on the iPhone?

 You know, the ones the phone does when it turns your letters into the wrong word and you send it without noticing? On Twitter, fellow librarian and book geek Mif suggested iPose, while I said TiPhos – vote, or suggest another!


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Wake up IMDB

This is what the cast list of the IMDB page for "Castle" looks like:

What’s wrong with this picture? Hmmm, what’s the show about? A mystery writer (Rick Castle played by Nathan Fillion, top billing) who follows a detective around, basing his new book character on her. That’s Kate Beckett (played by Stana Katic). She shares what I reckon would be pretty much equal screen time with Fillion, maybe a bit less, as Fillion has a fair bit of time on screen with his family, mother Martha and daughter Alexis. But pretty much equal. In the credits, Katic is second billed. So why, on the IMDB page, does Katic come in fourth in the cast listing? Behind her two sidekick detectives, who do both get reasonable screen time, but certainly aren’t the focus of the show as Beckett and Castle are. 

Is there a legitimate reason for this cast order? Not alphabetised, so, why does the female lead come in behind two lesser characters?


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Week 17

Bubs had a busy week – he had inoculations on Monday, and was weighed and measured at the child health nurse on Wednesday. Ahem. He’s a big boy. Right at the top of all the comparatives. Hitting all his milestones nicely – and he’s sleeping so wonderfully at night – 11-12 hours is now standard – I love him so much! Means when I get to bed at a reasonable hour, I get a great sleep! Awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

What else happened this week? Um, not too much – lots of FableCroft stuff for me – ballet dress rehearsal for Miss Four, very busy weekend with the afternoon at a friends with lots of other people and lots of kids, and then all day today out – first at   and  ‘s (great conversation, kids were brilliant) and then back to same friends to go to the ballet thing. So haven’t had much home time. But DID borrow the final eps of Battlestar Galactica at LAST! Guess what I’m watching now ๐Ÿ™‚


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Weight Watch

No loss, but no gain either this week. Still 105. Sigh. Crap on exercise, although I think I am getting better with diet. Smaller portions, very little crap, but night time snacking still an issue.

I feel like I’m getting, hmmm, flabbier, I think is the word. Like I might actually be losing something, but it’s causing bits to be more wobbly! I might be wrong, but that’s how I feel right now (and all my clothes look horrible).

Need to bust out the WiiFit and get out walking. Do it! Must DO IT!!

Next week I will weigh and measure, and reset my weekly aims.  

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