Have had a two movies in the last two days (plus we got Avatar on Blue-Ray on Wednesday – two days before release, super cheap from Target!). Yesterday afternoon I took Master Seven to Iron Man 2 in GOLD Class as a bit of a special treat. He really enjoyed the whole experience and LOVED the movie. "Better than the first one – more machines!" says he. I liked it too, but didn’t think it was quite as good as the first. I love Robert Downey Jr in these movies (pretty much any movies he’s made lately actually), and thought Mickey Rourke was pretty good too actually. And War Machine (Rhodey) rocked 🙂 Got my geek on – sorry I missed the Swancon36 showing in Belmont a couple of hours later, but that was just a bit far and a bit late for me! 

Today I took my husband (and the baby – big kids both at school) to see the Australian World War I film Beneath Hill 60 – this was excellent and I highly recommend it. Powerful, sad, funny, frighteningly gritty, and very well put together. The only possible flaw was that the acting was a bit, hmmm, naive? But the actors were very sincere in their naivety, and it kind of worked anyway! I loved it. I will be buying in for my dad for Christmas.

And now despite the three boxes of books I have to read (I have three months – no, not telling yet – hopefully next week I can say!), I also have the telemovie and three series of Battlestar Galactica to watch at some stage. Dunno how that happened – will see how I like it before committing to the whole thing.

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