14 Weeks

Well, the sleeping has been pretty good – I was out til after 7pm last night though and I don’t think hubby followed the semi-routine we’ve been keeping (ie: staying up til at least 6.30pm!) which resulted in a 3.30am feed again last night, but otherwise, bub’s been doing well! I’m delighted. He’s a lovely little thing – some days he’ll quite happily lay on his mattress and play with his hands for hours (particularly when his big brother or sister and lying with him). Today he was crying when I was trying to get dressed, so I picked him up and put him on the bed, where he immediately broke into big grins – he remembered the "bouncey bounce" game! Bouncey bounce then evolved into gently pulling him up into a sitting position, mostly lowering him down with a little teeny drop to the mattress at the end – giggles galore! He’s becoming a wonderful time waster. 🙂

The PD on Australian Curriculum last weekend was very good, and we’ve already received the draft submission that has come out of it, which I have commented on and sent back. The family visit was also lovely – cousin’s new house in the hills is in a gorgeous spot. Sad to see Mum go, but we’ll be seeing her and Dad in September. This week has seen me try to start a bit back to a bit of a healthier lifestyle, and bub and I and various children (depending on whether hubby’s home and what they’re doing!) have been going for big walks (which bub LOVES) almost every day. It’s been very nice actually. Also called into my school on Tuesday to let the Deputy know I’m available a few days a fortnight for relief teaching and to catch up with some friends. Other than that, have received three boxes of books for a thing I’m doing (will announce next week, promise!), have a few more reviews done, finished my Andre Norton Award nominees interviews (sadly never received details for two of the nominees, but I was really happy with the ones I got to do), and saw movies! Am now going to go write two more reviews. And I really better start the WASLA newsletter soon…

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