And in other news…

I finally bought a set of scales this week. Tonight I finally weighed myself. There will be a new eating and exercise regime beginning (re-instating really) in this house. I am horrified and a little disgusted right now.


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12 responses to “And in other news…

  1. Anonymous

    That’s right…who do you think you are putting on weight while having a baby. Doesn’t your body know that it should have returned itself to the svelte, toned body you had before you got pregnant? That’s what all those celebrities manage to do. It’s not like having a personal trainer, private chef and nannies would make any difference to a weight loss regime, right?????
    *where’s that damn sarcasm emoticon when I need it*
    It’s good that you are reinstating healthy eating and exercise, but please don’t be horrified and disgusted that your body may have changed in ways you don’t like. After having three, you would know only too well that pregnancy and childbirth do horrendous things to a woman’s body and it takes time to adjust. Be kind to yourself.

    • Anonymous

      Heh, thank you for your righteous indignation. Unfortunately, I’ve put on 10 kg SINCE the baby was born, which is purely due to bad eating and deliberate (well, lazy at least!) lack of exercise. That’s now on TOP of the pregnancy weight (which I accept with no issue!). I’m disgusted with myself for being lazy in both food and exercise since bub’s come along, knowing full well I was not being kind to myself in any way. Now instead of just working back to pre-baby weight, I’ve given myself an extra obstacle that was really stupid. Yes, bubs make it more difficult to get back into exercise and good eating habits, and yes, I ALWAYS put some weight on when I’m not working (too much easy access to the fridge), but this has gone beyond ridiculous. I’m an intelligent person – I know better 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I’m very good at righteous indignation, particularly on other people’s behalf *grin*.
        I can suggest a perfect solution to the easy access to the fridge problem when at home during the day…forget to do grocery shopping! Did that last week, and went three days before I had a chance to catch up. It’s amazing what you can do with the dregs you find at the back of the freezer and pantry, but I even finished off the year old packets of cuppa soup that were sitting in the pantry.
        Housekeeping is not my forte, I will admit *grin*.

      • Anonymous

        I like that suggestion! We’re actually getting to that point right now – I’ve no idea how, considering we’ve been at shopping centres almost every day for the past two weeks! 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I’ve been shopping with my Mother and my six year old daughter. I’m not sure who walks the slowest, and I certainly wouldn’t take them anywhere near a grocery shop, I would probably kill them in frustration before we made it past the fruit and veges *grin*.

      • Anonymous

        With my Mum, there’s always FAR more interesting shops than GROCERY ones! 🙂

      • Anonymous

        ROFL. Mine too! Shoes, for instance, and handbags (ah, the lovely, lovely handbags *sigh*).

      • Anonymous

        Hehehehe! Your mum and my mum should go shopping together!

      • Anonymous

        And we could sit back, have coffee and gossip until they were finished. Then they would have sore feet and we would have caffeine overload *heh*.

      • Anonymous

        Sounds perfect! Particularly if they took their grandkids on THEIR part of the shopping expedition…!

      • Anonymous

        Well duh…I figured that went without saying! They need to spend as much quality time with the grandkids as they can, ‘cos they loves them so…

      • Anonymous

        It’s not lazy when you have 3 kids – particularly with a newborn in that. When you are flat out trying to get the sleep you need and function normally, sometimes the smart way, temporarily, is the easy way.

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