13 Weeks

Granna reckons she’s seen huge changes in the little man in the short time she’s been here. The chuckles are turning into belly laughs, and he’s amused by so many different things! He’s discovered there are little piggies on his feet and his eyes get very big checking those out – the hands are an endless source of entertainment as well. He is totally infatuated with his big brother particularly, although his sister isn’t too bad either.

This week has been pretty full on – I caught Mum’s cold a few days ago, although it’s only started to really hurt the last two days. I managed to write 2100 words for an article for the national library journal Access (in my role as Publications Councillor for WASLA). I did a bit more work towards Worlds Next Door and Australis Imaginarium, although not as much as I would have liked. I only finished ONE book in the past five days (unHEARD of!) but wrote two reviews while at the Fun Station with the kids on Monday.

Saturday saw us again at the aunt and uncle’s house for a few hours – hubby and Master Seven stayed home (and went fishing). Sunday my workmate Cheryl came for a cuppa in the morning, and then we went in the other direction to the day before and visited with another aunt and cousin in Mandurah. Monday was the last day of holidays (pupil free day) so I dropped Mum with the baby at the shopping centre for the afternoon and took the kids to the Fun Station for a few hours. None of their friends could make it which made them a bit sad, but they still enjoyed themselves! Tuesday saw both kids at school, and we had a day at home at last! Made up for it Wednesday – took Mum, Miss Four and auntie up to Garden City Shopping Centre for the day – lots of shops, lots of coffee breaks, very nice. None of us really had anything to get, so it was a browsey type of day. Stopped at some upper class op shops on the way home, and got some quite nice things!  Yesterday I took Mum to the doctor and he reprimanded her for waiting so long to go in – seems her cold may have turned into bronchitis. Doesn’t stop her shopping though! We spent the next few hours in the local op shops (with  , which was fun!). I had an early night last night for the first time in weeks, but that meant I couldn’t go back to sleep at 3.30am after the baby was fed! Ah well. Today I went to the ANZAC service at the kids’ school, came home to finish Access article, then Mum & bub and I went out for lunch (and yet more shopping!).

Phew. Busy. Heh. If shopping counts as busy! Tomorrow I’m going to a three hour PD on the new national curriculum up in NORTH Perth, then will drive back home, collect Mum and the kids, go back up to SOUTH Perth to aunt & uncle’s to drop Mum’s gear off, and then head to WEST Perth to visit another cousin and see her new house! I will eventually return home, sans mother (who is catching an early plane Sunday morning courtesy of aunt and uncle, thankfully!) for (I hope) an early night, and a relaxing Sunday/Monday sorting ourselves out and getting ready for Daddy to come home! 

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