12 Weeks goooooone!

My goodness. To be fair, we have been a lot busier than usual, out and about, shopping, having visitors and so on, with Mum here, so the week has flown. Bub has started chuckling, along with the biggest gummy grins ever! We played a game of Bounce on the bed yesterday, and he cakked himself. Good sense of humour clearly 🙂 He’s sleeping in our room while Mum is here and the sleeping patterns have reverted, which is a pain, but I’m sure he’ll get over it when he’s back in his room (and in the BIG cot). He’s eying off our food now, and his father was teasing him with a banana today, which he quite liked the taste of!

My productivity has gone to pieces, as has my reading, with Mum here (and bub in bedroom), but that’s okay, we’re having fun. Hopefully won’t get *too* far behind.   sent me some preliminary ideas for the cover of Worlds Next Door yesterday (cos she is made of awesome!), so that’s still chugging along! Can’t wait to get this book to the printer – I’m very excited!

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