Mum’s 60th birthday

We’ve been celebrating my Mum’s 60th this week. Unfortunately, she’s come down with a cold since arriving, but is soldiering on regardless. Hopefully she’s getting better now, but it hasn’t been all that nice for her. She started her visit with us Sunday afternoon, arriving with Master Seven via a 22 hour stopover with her sisters and family in Sydney (boyoboy those women can pack a HEAP into a short period of time – Easter Show, cousin-in-law’s 40th, visit to my grandmother’s grave, breakfast party in the park, and little tour about Sydney for the boy!). We went direct to my aunt & uncle’s for a quick cuppa, but aunt had to go get chemo bag removed, so we were home not long after 5pm. Mum started to get the sore throat and leaky nose about an hour after we arrived, and unfortunately got worse from there.

Monday she had a dentist appointment (apparently it’s much easier to get into the dentist here than where she lives!), and the kids and I spent a rainy hour at the Maccas next door (under renovation, under-staffed, not all that pleasant!). We then went up to Toys R Us to buy a new baby seat (got an AWESOME bargain) and then to Belmont to drop off the capsule to Red Cross. After that, we decided that some shopping was in order, and spent a few hours wandering about at Cockburn Gateway – Mum was pleased to get almost everything on her shopping list done there (although that will not stop us from visiting at least three more shopping centres in the next week!).

Mum’s actual birthday was Tuesday. We almost cancelled the all-day family get together we’d planned because we didn’t want my aunt to be overly exposed to illness, and we rang all the visitors to warn them about the plague. All still elected to come though, and we had a really lovely day chatting (other aunt and cousin from Mandurah who we don’t catch up with often enough came as well), eating, drinking and all that. Kids were good! Hubby came home that evening after all the family (and food!) were gone 🙂

I gave Mum tickets to Cats (for her and whoever else she chose, preferably me!) for the Wednesday afternoon, so poor hubby got left home with the kids (he has seen it before, years ago!) while we trotted off up to Burswood for the show. I’ve never seen a big production like this before, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, as did Mum, who hasn’t been to a show (other than the local stuff in her small country town!) in a long long time! The show was fabulous, of course, and I’m really pleased it was on and I could take Mum for her birthday. I loved how the cats wandered through the audience! Photo not great, but okay for being taken in the dark on the phone! Silly women in front of us calling "Here kitty kitty" to try to get photos! Weird. Heh, and there were some people who may be in my fandom there – I saw women wearing ears… Ooh, I also had an exciting phone call before we went into the show, but not sure I can announce it yet, so I won’t 🙂

Today has been a bit less hectic, but not peaceful! Master Seven’s best friend leaves tomorrow (they’re travelling for a few months as they relocate to NSW) so he and his sister (who Miss Four gets along with pretty well) came for the day. I took the girls to storytime at the library first thing, then went and collected Miss Four’s bestie (whose mum had a migraine and asked if we’d look after her for the day). So five big kids and a baby for the day, but Mum has been enjoying baby time, and five kids are actually less hassle than one usually (apart from the occasional spat among the girls!), so I’ve actually got a bit done!

No real plans for the rest of the week, although we will no doubt be doing some more family thing. Oh, we already have dinner tomorrow night booked with some very long-time family friends, and hubby and I are planning a night out to Gold Class (to celebrate the promotion he got this week, and my own news!) while Mum is here to kid-sit – probably Sunday night at this stage. And there will be shopping!

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