Week 11

Ahem, I pretty much kept forgetting what day of the week it was all this week, what with the double sided long weekend, travelling, Swancon, and all that! So I’m posting this a day late with no excuse other than I forgot yesterday was Friday!

It’s been a busy week, with Master 7 racing off on his big adventure last Saturday. He’s had an absolute ball (all he did was go fishing all week – it was his aim, and he accomplished it!) He’s currently overnighting in Sydney with rellies – they’ve done the Easter Show and he apparently has the biggest grin on his face from that! Ferris Wheel and roller coaster big successes from the sound of it. He’ll arrive back here with my Mum tomorrow – little sister and brother really looking forward to seeing him (and yes, mummy might miss him a bit too).

Miss Four has had a fairly social week. Lots of time with best friend C, either at Fun Station, her place or here. She’s just come home from another afternoon at their place, during which I got all the washing, ironing and putting away COMPLETELY done for the first time since bub was born! I also watched Lesbian Vampire Killers which was quite a bit funnier than I expected. And caught up on some publishing paperwork, which was good. Yesterday was our one day we’d thought to stay home alone (and indeed, stay in our PJs!), but we had an unexpected (but pleasant!) surprise of   and assorted progeny arrive for a visit in the afternoon – luckily my friends don’t mind me having to get dressed before making them a cuppa! Was very nice – kids were good, got to meet L’s eldest, and Miss Four enjoyed playing with E immensely. Poor C was a bit disappointed that Master Seven wasn’t here to play with, although he covered it quite well by making lots of Ben 10 Alien Creation Chamber aliens 🙂

Bub is growing like a weed, and changing daily. He’s getting quite "talkative" and has also learned how to poke tongues! It’s quite funny to see him copying that action 🙂 He’s sleeping pretty well at night now, particularly if mummy gets him to bed fairly close to 7pm. Hopefully sleeping won’t get too messed up while Granna’s visiting. He’s also really enjoying nursery rhymes, and gets particularly excited if each song ends with wild clapping of his hands (by appropriate grown up) and cheers of "Yaaaaaay Maxie!!!" 🙂  This pic is of Miss Four’s friend’s mum doing exactly that.

In other news, I had to buy a new modem during the week, and I now have slower internet, which is most annoying. I also overspent my iPhone download quota between no ‘net at home for three days while I figured out what was wrong, and two days at Swancon. Will be interesting to see how much that costs.

And this week has been a bit slow on the publishing side. I’ve managed to finish a few books and write a couple of reviews. I also reorganised the bookcase again, as I’ve got a full shelf of old anthologies now that I need to read for Australis Imaginarium, and I also needed to tidy and re-evaluate my TBR shelf, particularly for outstanding review books! For Worlds Next Door I’ve been collecting author and artist bios, contracts and payment details, and waiting anxiously for news of cover art. Fingers crossed on that one still, but if it doesn’t work out, I have an awesome fallback, so I’m not really worried 🙂 Do really need to hook into the Australis Imaginarium stuff though. It’s weird that I have the (very awesome by a very special artist!) cover art for that one but only a few stories selected, whereas I’ve no cover for WND and it’s practically finished inside! Ah, the fun stuff of publishing 🙂

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