Week 10

Very quiet Good Friday for us – I figured that since we’d be out for the next two days, we should have a peaceful day to rest up. I had tried to organise a playdate with some friends but most everyone else was going away, so that didn’t work out, but we did get a bit of rest which was good.

Bub has been sleeping between eight and nine hours the past couple of nights, which has been great. He’s been a bit grumpy during the day though, and I’m wondering if he’s having a growth spurt as he’s feeding a lot.

Had a couple of afternoons out this week, taking the kids shopping and for haircuts on Wednesday (Miss Four now has a fringe for the first time – it quite suits her!), and then I took the boys with me to my work for end of term drinks which was nice.

Master Seven heads off on his big trip tomorrow. Miss Four, Bub and I will drop him off then go visit the rellies for the morning. Then Sunday, Miss Four and Bub are staying home with the babysitter while I go up to Swancon with @kaelajael – I’m helping launch next years Swancon/Natcon, attending the Tin Ducks and catching up with friends for the day. Looking forward to it.

And as we have an early morning tomorrow, I’d best go to bed!

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