Family day!

We had a lovely family day today. Miss Four’s ballet school hosted an Easter Picnic in the park, so we went along. Was a beautiful day, after two overcast ones, and it was most pleasant indeed. We’ll be going back to the park with bread for the ducks 🙂 Kids found a couple of shares of eggs each, which was good (no tears! Win!).

Following the picnic, we headed over to Chutney Marys for Indian for lunch – was very nice, even if the kids didn’t eat much of anything. It was a treat for hubby, and he kept expressing his surprise that I was eating it (my tastes are usually not adventuresome). We over-ordered and I would have liked to stay longer to finish some of it off! But we had a deadline, as we headed across the road to the cinema and watched How to Train Your Dragon (not in 3D – it doesn’t worry me, but Miss Four doesn’t do so well with the glasses). Thoroughly enjoyed that, even though once again I missed a few minutes with child toilet breaks (at least she’s going to the toilet, this is also WIN!). Will happily add that one to the DVD collection when it comes out.

Came home and after feeding Bub (who had been fabulous all day, chirpy and sleepy and not whingy at all – I think he even watched most of the movie!), he and I both crashed for a couple of hours, which was also nice. And now hubby and the kids are "camping" in the back yard (foolish Daddy makes foolish promises!), so I’m enjoying a quiet evening.

In all, it’s been a great weekend – spent yesterday afternoon with   and   at A’s place, chatting and working on stuff for next weekend, with drop-ins from   and  . Time flies when you’re having fun! And again, Bub was brilliant – he’s a lovely social thing apparently!

This week is all about getting ready for the weekend – Master Seven jets off on his adventure on Saturday, and Sunday is Swancon day for me. Need to get my contracts for Worlds Next Door out in the next couple of days, and hook into reading for Australis Imaginarium. Some proofing for TPP on the cards too. Can’t believe it’s the end of Term 1 for the kids this week – where is this year going??

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