Week 9 – surely that can’t be right!

Bub seems to have grown up about a million percent in the past week – we’re getting lots of smiles now (particularly just after a feed when he’s feeling very content!), and he’s cooing and making lovely noises at us. He enjoys his big brother and sister chatting with him too. He had his eight week needles on Monday, and was pretty clingy for a couple of days, but he’s settling again now.

Hubby is home this week, which is so good! Not having to dash out for school drop offs and pickups is great. He goes back again next week for about ten days, but then we’re back on the 8/6 roster, which we’re REALLY looking forward to! Master Seven heads off on his Queensland adventure next Saturday. Miss Four is jealous, but looking forward to her Granna visiting the week after that.

She’s still being difficult about going to school/daycare, but once I’m gone, she’s fine. This clingyness in the mornings is extremely frustrating, as she used to be fine with all this – partly blame arrival of bub, but partly lack of routine – she used to go five days a week to daycare, now only two days of "school" (and one day of care, because I was going nuts, but we’re cutting that out after the holidays). She’s doing it at ballet too, which is really odd, because she loves it. *sigh* I guess she’ll get over it. Eventually. 

I’m proud as punch mum with M7, because his reading is leaping ahead amazingly – he’s reading the Captain Underpants books (devouring would perhaps be a better term!) at a rate of one per day. I’m trying desperately to find him something else that will equally engross him – he’s pooh poohed the Zac Power Test Drive books, but I think he’ll go through the pile of Simpsons comics I bought home from the library. Looking for proper book recommendations for him though!

This week I missed out on a book blogger role I applied for – apparently I got to the shortlist stage, but they went with someone else for the same type of blog I put in for, a Canberra person. A bit disappointed actually, but them’s the breaks! I’ve been working on some TPP stuff in my non-baby cuddling times, and of course on my own books and associated tasks to do with that. I also wrote a profile for my school website, based on my role with the ASLA committee. Oh, AND received in the mail this week copies of Magpies (with my first two reviews for them in it) and Fiction Focus, which has not only a bunch of my reviews, but also a four page feature article I wrote! I’ll reprint that here at some point 🙂

In other news, illustrator Kathleen Jennings has posted some sketches of her pictures for my forthcoming anthology Worlds Next Door! The anthology is going great guns – I’m only waiting on one story to come back from edits, all the rest are laid out and have had my very awesome proofer go over them, and they are about to go out, with contracts, to the authors. Woot!


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2 responses to “Week 9 – surely that can’t be right!

  1. Anonymous

    Does M7 like Pirates? Because my boy is currently right into the Dragon Blood Pirates series from Dan Jerris. It’s being doing the rounds of all his friends and they all think it’s ‘awesome’…

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