Mini-Reviews #17

Yep, reading has DEFINITELY dropped off lately. On the plus side, now that bub is sleeping in his own room, I’m reading a bit more at night without fear of waking him, so getting a little more in! Biggest problem at the moment is that I’m reading things I’ve BOUGHT, rather than the review books piling up in the shelf! Tsk, bad reviewer! Ah well, will get back into reviews soon, I’m sure.

Gladiatrix: Kannon Dupree Timestalker, Rhonda Roberts – Early Traci Harding fans will enjoy – dialogue not at all believable, but pacy and action-packed. Reviewed for ASif! (but not yet up on the site).

Federations, John Joseph Adams (ed.) – Thoroughly enjoyed this – mix of reprint and original works, some very light, some very deep, almost all excellent. A quality collection.

Geektastic, Holly Black and Cecil Castellucci (eds.) – I’m not usually a fan of editors who publish their own stories in anthologies, but Holly Black has the cred. and the story (which inspired the anthology) totally works for me! They got one thing wrong though – there IS a market for stories like that! I totally would have published it in either ASIM or Shiny!

Angels’ Blood, Nalini Singh – Horrible cover, but I enjoyed the story. Some of the "adult content" felt a bit forced, but the action was good and I liked the worldbuilding a lot. This is one of the series books I bought because I read a short set in the world in an anthology. Worth it!

Archangel’s Kiss, Nalini Singh – Enjoyed the second in this series too, even though it was a very different beast from the first, focussing almost entirely on the angel world building with little emphasis on the "hunting" that I really liked in the first. Adult content still feeling forced, but not as heavy.

Dragon Haven (Book Two of the Rain Wild Chronicles), Robin Hobb –  I didn’t want this book to end. Loved it to bits – very much a love story (or, more realistically, a bunch of love stories!) as opposed to the dark political and social fantasies we generally get from Hobb, beautifully written with the unfolding story of dragons. I have particularly enjoyed the little story that has come out of the notes exchanged by the pigeon keepers!

Ash, Malinda Lo – The writing is lovely, and the story has gained a LOT of publicity for being a YA lesbian Cinderella story. However, the pacing was off for me, and I think that the book could have benefitted from being longer, with more attention being paid to all the three "love" storylines (the Prince, the fairy, the huntress) and resolving them a bit better. I would have liked to see more about the mother as well, and the greenwitch side of things seemed to get a bit lost. It’s a nice story though, with an important look at sexuality and fairytale reinterpretation. And the cover is GORGEOUS (I’ve got the non-Twilight looking one that is green with the girl in the woods on the front!).

Superman: True Brit, Cleese etal (Graphic Novel) – Weird. Okay to read but not really my thing. I like the What If type things, but this was just odd…

The Awakening, Kelley Armstrong – Not a bad read – don’t know it was as good as the first book, as it seemed that nothing really happened action-wise, although there was a bit of backstory development.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, Rick Riordan – Wish I’d read this a couple of years ago so I could have been recommending it to all and sundry! Finally picked it up because I really enjoyed the movie (and the benefits of that are visible – of eight copies of books in the series we have, this was the only one on the shelf in my school library!), and really enjoyed it as well. Quite different in both plot and character from the movie – anyone who’s read the book before seeing the movie will not be bored and vice versa. Interestingly, in the book, Percy is 12, whereas he’s quite a lot older in the movie, and it makes far more sense for him to be older – he reads a lot older than 12 in the book, that’s for sure! And in the book, Annabeth is blonde! I like her Xena look in the film better 🙂 Enjoyed thoroughly and will definitely go back for more (and recommend it to all my eager kiddies!).

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