Seven weeks old!

It’s been seven weeks since we became a family of five, which seems like not very long when you write it, but we’re at the point where it seems also like we’ve always like this! Bub appears to be thriving on bottles and I’ve had no problems since reluctantly stopping breast feeding. Little man is doing a great job holding his head up, and he was doing some push ups on the floor today during tummy time (taking after his dad, clearly!). Not sleeping quite as well at night as I’d like (both the others starting sleeping 12 hours at six weeks, I kid you not!) but he’s doing five hours at a stretch, which will hopefully extend soon… Unfortunately, the five hour stretch is from 7ish onwards, which doesn’t suit me at all! And he’ll then be up two times in the wee hours, and starts grumping at 5ish, although I won’t get him up til 6.30 or so, trying to convince him to go back to sleep in bed with me! This hot weather hasn’t been too nice for him, and we’ve avoided going out too much, bar school runs mostly.

I did pop into work on Tuesday for a little while, as I got a phone call saying I had to have my Working with Children done by Wednesday, so I pretty much had to do it straight away. Was nice to see everyone as I hadn’t been up since I got my new computer a few weeks ago – had a blurry couple of weeks there where I really didn’t feel like being very social!

Today we took a big step – I booked Master Seven on a flight to go visit his grandparents in QLD over Easter. Big step for a young man! He’s been talking about this for over a year, and when he found out his grandpop couldn’t come visit when his granna is after Easter, he decided that he HAD to go visit PopPop instead! Miss Four is naturally put out that she can’t go, but I’m promising her a trip to the live Dora the Explorer stage show in May as a bribe. Won’t help, cos that’s not immediate, but still, I try to be fair πŸ™‚

Well, best go off and try to get to bed before bub decides it’s time to wake up again! REALLY looking forward to the sleeping through… πŸ™‚


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6 responses to “Seven weeks old!

  1. Anonymous

    Wow, that’s huge step sending a seven year old on such a long trip on his own. I didn’t realise that they were allowed to travel unaccompanied so young.
    *is doing calculations in head, grandparents in Airlie Beach, eight year old son…yep, that works :)*

    • Anonymous

      Yup, six and over on QANTAS. He’s very brave πŸ™‚ I did it at 11, but probably would have at 7 if given the choice! πŸ™‚

      • Anonymous

        Whoo Hoo! Daughter is SIX!!!!
        (not that I would be happy at sending them away from me…having time alone with husband…no, not at all *wink*)

      • Anonymous

        And if you send them together, they’re more likely to be okay with that! Double win!
        Master Seven very generously said he’d take his little sister when she cried, but alas, four is not enough πŸ™‚
        Time alone with husband – what’s that again? πŸ˜€

      • Anonymous

        We had a day recently when Troy was nearly recovered from Chicken Pox but still home, and the kids were back at school. It was so weird being alone in the house with just the two of us. Having a conversation that wasn’t interrupted by “Muuuum!”.

  2. Anonymous

    Seven weeks! And you aren’t a blubbering basket case! Go, you!

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