Fun with Movie Channels

Foxtel very kindly gave out a couple of weeks of free Movie packages, which we’ve somewhat enjoyed, but the best part was being able to watch the Oscars LIVE today! No spoilers here (if you’re on the internet or watching the news at all today, you’ll be spoiled anyway), but a gentle squee for the Best Director winner! You’ll see… 🙂 I’ve never watched the Academy Awards live before, and have hardly ever watched the whole show. It is LOOOOONG, but when watched with good company (husband initially, then with  , who came to visit!) and interspersed with Neil Gaiman’s live tweeting early on, and some googling for red carpet horrors and IMDB lookups, it was fun!

Don’t know if it was enough to make me want to add the Movie package to my Foxtel though. 🙂

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  1. Anonymous

    I sat and watched the Oscars today too for the first time in forever. Best Director and Best Picture… *yay*.
    I also squealed and clapped for the Best Score winner, which is so not like me!!

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