Week 6 + 1 day

Whoops! Forgot to make this post yesterday, even though I kept meaning to! When I finally got the chance last night though, I got deeply engrossed in layout for Worlds Next Door instead, and this went out of my mind entirely 🙂 I’m about three quarters done on story layout for the kids antho, having received almost all my illustrations in the past week. I’m really pleased with how it’s shaping up and coming together. Still a lot to do, but it’s well on its way!

On the home front, f-list know that I made the very difficult decision to give up on breast feeding this past week. It wasn’t easy, and I’ve discussed it in detail under f-lock. Little man is doing fine though, and I haven’t had any problems that could be associated with giving up. I think it was the right decision, but I’m still sad about it, for lots of reasons. But I’m coping better mentally and physically now, and as I said, bub’s doing great.

Hubby finally home after his two weeks off – was really hanging out for this break, that’s for sure! Haven’t had a lot more sleep, but don’t have to do all the school runs, and just those small things make a huge difference. Kids have had a couple of outings since the last post, visiting with friends for a day (I slept!) and going out to the school disco with the same friends last night, which they enjoyed. Miss Four had ballet and then a playdate with her best friend who is also going (now they no longer see each other in daycare every day, we’re making the effort to keep them in touch!). And the three of us (plus Jen, our friend and regular babysitter) went to the movies and saw Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, which I quite enjoyed, and will now go and read the books!

I didn’t do much else this week. Starting to get back into the swing of publishing after a few weeks of not doing too much. Have a WASLA planning meeting tomorrow somewhere in Perth (must check Google Maps) – taking bub, but not the bigguns. And that’s about it. Will probably pop into school next week for a visit, cos it’s been a while (and yes, I’m sad and pathetic and I miss it!). I’m enjoying making these weekly update posts, so will try to keep them up!

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  1. Anonymous

    You probably heard all kinds of breastfeeding stories from your flist, but I’m going to add another one. My first was easy, barely had to think about it, fed until he grew teeth. My second was so different, and after six weeks struggling with attachment, breast pumps and a hungry baby I made the decision to wean her to a bottle. Almost immediately we were happier and I can safely say, six years on, that she has not suffered at all from not getting as much breast milk as her brother.
    My motto with child rearing has always been “whatever works”, and I always mentally add “and to hell with all you busybodies”.

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