Dudcon 3 and Ditmars

  just reminded me about this on her LJ, so now I’m doing my civic duty and passing the word along! As there’s no Aussie Natcon this year, what with us hosting Worldcon and all, there’s a Dudcon happening in conjunction with Aussiecon4. In the words of those in charge: 

Following in the tradition of Spawncon 2, this is the convention you have when you aren’t having a convention. Dudcon 3 will be held in conjunction with Aussiecon 4 the 2010 Worldcon which will take place in Melbourne from the 2nd to the 6th of September. While Aussiecon 4 is the Worldcon it is not the National Convention. As no other convention bid for the right to be National Convention, a moment of rash stupidity saw the creation of Dudcon 3 as a barebones Natcon.

At Dudcon 3 there will be a Business Meeting and a Ditmar Award ceremony. There may be a BBQ too. Or something else that involves alcohol. But only if we can raise enough money, and that is where you come in…

The only source of money to fund all of this is memberships and whatever sponsorship can be screwed out of the SF Publishing Industry (which is to say probably nothing). So your willingness to give us money in return for not much at all is vital. But we will give you a badge, and possibly a ribbon. And if there is free alcohol you will be invited.


Membership rates start at very reasonable prices, so why not wander on over and take a look?


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3 responses to “Dudcon 3 and Ditmars

  1. Anonymous

    I’ll consider this my donation to the Cat And Paul Shiny Statue fund 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    That depends on the scheduling 🙂

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