Week 5

This week seems to have flown by. Partly I think because I’ve done very little else other than school pickups and dropoff, trying to catch up on some rest during the day. Had   and   visit on Saturday, and  ,  ,   and   visit on Sunday, which was wonderful, but for the week, have done nothing else!

Little man is now on a combination of bottle and boob – doesn’t seem to be bothering him much (a little perkier, but that’s because he’s overfilling I think). I’m still sore, but not as bad as it was a week ago, so we’ll persevere!

Apparently it’s a long weekend here this weekend, but other than Master Seven heading off for a play date on Sunday, we again have no plans. Maybe the Fun Station at some point or a movie at some point…

Oh, I did manage to put in for a couple of "at home" opportunities last week, and wrote two reviews. Whoo!

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