Failing fast… :(

I’m currently failing at breastfeeding. This is a bit of a shock to me, as I had no problems at all with either of the other kids, so I’m a bit ill equipped to deal with it.

The baby didn’t seem to be having any problems after the rocky  start caused by all the stuff done to him in the first 24 hours. Then we had a few days where he seemed to be feeding constantly. And I imagine he really hasn’t been attaching properly, despite how good he seemed. By the end of this I was getting pretty sore and raw, and unfortunately, haven’t really recovered. Have tried expressing for a day at a time, am using shields, slathering with Lanisoh, airing, everything I and google can think of! Today I had bought formula, luckily, because this afternoon, I had nothing else for him.

He doesn’t seem to care what he’s drinking or how, and he’s content and chubby and all those good things. But I’m not coping at all. A lot of pain when feeding on one side, even with shields, and with two other kids to deal with, doubling up on time spent with boobs (ie: expressing then feeding) is not working at all. I’m also starting to get a bit of upper back, shoulder and neck pain from the time spent hunching over expressing and trying to find comfortable feeding positions!

I’m still persevering though. Will keep trying to express the bad side and shield the good side, and avoid the formula unless, like today, there’s nothing else. But I’m struggling. It might not be this hard if I could just devote all my time to it, but school runs and all those other kid-related and real-life interferences make it a bit hard! Ah well, tomorrow is another day – will just keep trying!


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7 responses to “Failing fast… :(

  1. Anonymous

    Have you tried the Breastfeeding Association? They can offer help via email or phone.
    But also don’t let them bully you to persevere if it’s not working 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Thanks T – I’d just started to look at their website, yes, and have now sent an email!

      • Anonymous

        Was going to suggest the same – we had some trouble, but it got sorted out. I’ll refrain from “Have you tried…?” on the grounds that the BFA will be far better placed to advise. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Good luck with this 😦 I’m sorry that it’s been a struggle – I hope the ABA can assist – also other friends have reported deep love for Ngala and their support as well.

  3. Anonymous

    It’s such a hard time and I’m thinking of you. It should be the easiest most natural thing in the world but often it isn’t.

  4. Anonymous

    Breastfeeding was really hard for me as well – I don’t know if I could have persisted if I’d had other kids to look after as well. The main thing is that you’re trying (and trying damn hard). The ABA was a godsend to me, so much that I joined and am thinking of possibly doing some training with them down the track.

  5. Anonymous

    Ouch, I’ve had that happen. It’s the hardest thing wanting to just get things right when life’s business goes on around regardlessly. Plus for me, the birth of the second child doubled the workload and then the birth of the third child, doubled it all again. It’s very hard.
    Back then, we had the Nursing Mother’s Association, which I think is the same as the Australian Breast feeding Association. They helped me so much, I ended up doing a breastfeed counselling course , but never got to counsel as we moved interstate and, away from family and friends, things got even harder. One thing I do remember having drummed into me was to always offer suggestions and support, and if things still don’t work out, then support the mum if she decides to consider alternatives. It was all about what was best for both mother and baby.

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