Week 4

Bub is four weeks old today. He’s also getting very big, is starting to take a lot of interest in the world around him, and has been trying to send his mummy mad! This week has been a bit of a blur, to be honest. I’ve been working on the 2010 Snapshot, but even that fell over a bit yesterday and today with a bit of sleep deprivation and cranky cross kid! He had a couple of nights of being up for HOURS during the night, just grizzly – I cut out EVERYTHING that could possibly be causing tummy pains or other nasties, but it could have just been him too! He was also sleeping heaps most days, so yesterday we tickled and annoyed him enough to ensure he stayed up for a fair while in the late afternoon, and he did sleep a lot better last night. We’ve also had some very very sore nipples (sorry for the TMI boys!) – have spent two days expressing, using nipple shields, Lanisoh cream, ANYTHING to avoid the pain – seems to be getting a bit better now, but I’ll keep up the cream and shields. He’s fussing a lot on the shield, so will combine with expressing if he’s not getting the full boob! Of course, all this had to happen the week hubby went back to work, so I’m doing it on my onesie for the moment. Wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for those darn school drop offs and pickups! 

In other news, FINALLY got my new computer – is luverly. Spent a few hours at work yesterday while I was waiting for the data transfer etc to be done. Have also had some trips to the shops with bub, which has been nice (including getting hair done today!) but next week will spend more time at home, hopefully resting! Did get a visit from   on Wednesday which was lovely! Miss Four had two full days of Kindy this week, and is a bit weary. Master Seven seems to be enjoying school a bit better now – had a bit of trouble with another child in his class, but hopefully that’s sorted now.

No photo today, cos I just haven’t had a chance to download. Will hopefully do some over the weekend. Fingers crossed for some sleep tonight!

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