Rich Horton says nice things about New Ceres Nights

It’s very charming – he also says nice things about X6.

Finally, New Ceres Nights is a set of stories in the shared world of New Ceres. It isn’t explicitly Australian, and at least one contributor is French, but the great majority of the writers are Australian so I put the book here. I like the New Ceres stories in general, and this was an enjoyable book. I particularly liked Tansy Rayner Roberts’s "Prosperine When It Sizzles", featuring the very popular character La Duchesse and her assistant M. Pepin — about whom we learn some secrets as he meets an old offworld acquaintance while the two of them try to rescue a prominent politician’s children from some unfortunate choices in entertainment; and Sylvia Kelso’s "The Sharp Shooter", in which the title character comes to a remote farm to help eliminate a dangerous beast. I’ll also mention Dirk Flinthart, Thoraiya Dyer, Lee Battersby, and Angela Slatter.

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