Two weeks on

Wow, time flies when you’re sitting around not doing much and getting up three or four times a night! Bub is two weeks old today, and doing great. Had a child health nurse appointment yesterday, and he’s put on more than his birth weight (unsurprising to my poor boobs!) and she said his colour was great (jaundice all gone). Last night he went four hours from about 8.30pm, but then we had some unsettled time from 12.30 to 3am, which wasn’t so fun. He’s not doing too bad at this sleeping at night business in general though. We’re getting more awake time during the day, which is also good.

After our appointment yesterday morning, we went in to my work for the morning to introduce him to everyone – much clucking πŸ™‚ Had a lovely morning with staff, and will have to go in next week to show him off to my kids. This was really only our second major outing – we went up to aunt and uncle’s place on Sunday for a visit, and then to Sizzler for lunch, which was great. Other than that, we all did the school drop off Monday and Tuesday, for the first day of school for both the big kids, and that’s the extent of the leaving the house for the week! Have been doing the grocery shopping online even! Having said that, I really enjoyed the morning out yesterday, and then I also got lots done at home too, which was surprising. I’ve even written three or four reviews in the past couple of days! 

Big kids have settled back into school – Master Seven has the same teacher again this year, but in a combined class this time. Not sure how that’s going to go, but will wait and see. Miss Four has her second half day of Kindy today (late start this time) – these half days are a pain, and we’ll be pleased when she’s on her normal program of two full days per week.

Not much else going on really. Hubby’s home for another week and a half yet, which is good – he’s on baby duty for the morning shift which seems to be when I’m getting the most sleep! I’ll miss that (which will also mean having to be up and organised by 8.15 each weekday to get kids to school – urk!).


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9 responses to “Two weeks on

  1. Anonymous

    Aw, that hand photo is gorgeous πŸ™‚

  2. Anonymous

    Did master 7 like the DS pack?

  3. Anonymous

    Oh! Nobody told me you’d gone through the whole birth thing! Or did they? No — I don’t think they did. Congratulations! Hooray! A boy? Excellent, but what’s far more important, a happy healthy baby and mum! Yayy!

  4. Anonymous

    Hubbies should totally get three months paternity leave.
    And the little hands shot is great! Please tell me you have fifty blurry ones to go with it so I don’t get camera envy πŸ˜‰

    • Anonymous

      My new camera rocks – you should totally have camera envy! I have gone back to SLR (digital now though) after five years of compact – just can’t compare! I had a Canon EOS 300 for a few years before I went digital compact, and now I’ve gone to Canon EOS 300D (so all my lenses etc still fit!). Is much love πŸ™‚ I need to take MORE photos though! Which I will do, now I have a massive 8GB memory card πŸ™‚

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