One week on…

Baby is one week old today! Seems both longer and shorter, which is weird. Came home from hospital on Tuesday, and have done very little since! After him behaving very well in hospital in terms of sleeping, we had a very unsettled night on Tuesday night, and then he slept ALL day Wednesday, which was a worry to me. However, last two nights he’s been awesome, with two to three hours between feeds and settling straight back down in between. I’m not getting any catch up sleep during the day though (partly my fault, partly noisy family!) but I’m sure we’ll get better at that too. Today we had a day with lots of awake time, which was also lovely – it’s nice to see the baby’s eyes sometimes! He’s very placid, barely cries, but is alert and interested in what’s going on around him (when he’s actually awake!).

His big brother and sister are quite besotted, with Master Seven being the best kid ever. Miss Four is pretty good, but a little less understanding, which is to be expected. Mum and Dad think the new family member is pretty alright too 🙂 All well!


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2 responses to “One week on…

  1. Anonymous

    I remember hearing a quote somewhere that parenthood has the longest days and shortest years. Time is really warped, particularly with a newborn in the house.
    Glad to hear you’re having fun.

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