Baby’s first day..

Bub is doing really well! After the small health scare he gave us, he reacted really well to the treatment and by 11pm, was fine. Night midwife and I decided we didn’t like the idea of pushing artificial milk down his neck, so I expressed what I could and we got that into him, and then we started to try to get him to attach. It was weird, as both the other two latched on first go, and feeding was never a drama, so I really didn’t have any strategies for getting bub to feed! Luckily, the midwife was brilliant, and between us, he eventually got the idea and had a good long feed. He’s not looked back!

Not a lot of sleep that first night. Got untied from the bed first thing in the morning, and despite shakiness and pain, managed to shower on my own and face the day. First visitors hubby and kids, and the kids finally got a chance to cuddle bub. After they left, workmate Cheryl and her daughter Jenn (who is our main babysitter) arrived, which was lovely. They crossed over with aunty Gene & uncle Rex, who stayed for a good chat. I was just about falling asleep on them by the time they left though, and bub and I both had a solid two hour nap then.

The afternoon saw the foly return, along with Miss Four’s best friend’s family, who all needed cuddles. When they all left, we had a bit of quiet until arrived to shockle the baby and enjoy the live Twitter party for the Aurealis Awards announcements. Sadly, none of Twelfth Planet Press’s seven nomination managed a win, but we were pleased for friends who did win their categories, and still delighted for making it onto so many shortlists. We may have talked a lot too!

Then we managed a couple of blocks of three hours or so sleep, which was lovely! Fingers crossed that sort of behaviour continues!

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11 responses to “Baby’s first day..

  1. Anonymous

    Yay! Welcome, Max!
    I’m so impressed that you’re back online already, wonderwoman. Good work, hope your extra hole heals as quick smart as it can, and I am sad for Siren Beat but surely you can still claim Clockwork, Patchwork and Ravens, because, you know, Peter M Ball lives in a dungeon underneath TPP and gets whipped until he produces stories, and it’s just a fluke he managed to sneak one out to Apex 😉

  2. Anonymous

    wooohoo for blocks of 3 hours sleep!

  3. Anonymous

    Woohoo! Big congrats, Tehani! But, hell, you’re looking a little too much like Alisa these days. What’s going on?

  4. Anonymous

    What a lovely picture!

  5. Anonymous

    Oh, that pic is just so adorable! What a beautiful bub 🙂
    Hope you’re recovering well xoxo

  6. Anonymous

    Wonderful, all of it!

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