Penultimate night!

Well, this is it! The last day of being a 2 + 2 family 🙂 Had a lovely surprise visit from one of the ladies from work this evening, just to wish us well, and lots of texts and e-messages as well. After two nights of shocking sleep, last night I zonked and got at least ten good hours (despite about a half dozen toilet breaks!) – must have been the weather keeping me awake, cos last night was much cooler, as is tonight, which is nice. Went up to the hospital this morning for the final blood test of the pregnancy (prepping for tomorrow’s procedure), and while I was there I checked out the maternity ward, which we hadn’t seen. There’s six single rooms, and the lovely admin lady said they do try to give them to caesar patients – there were a few empty this morning (and they don’t do scheduled caesars on Thursdays!) so fingers crossed I manage to get one.

Did a grocery shop to keep the family in food for the next week, and came home to an extra kid (Miss Four’s best mate again). Really didn’t do too much of anything else today and I’m feeling most gloaty that I’m so organised! I ended up mucking about on layout and something for   which I really didn’t need to do yet, but it was fun 🙂 Who knows when I’ll have time again?!

So yeah, that’s it. We’ll head out to drop the kids off for the day at M4’s family at about 9.30, in anticipation of checking it to hospital around 10.30. Then sometime in the afternoon, barring unforeseen circumstances, there will be a new bubba! Already sounds like we have visitors lined up, which will be nice (so long as they don’t mind me being tied to the bed!). Heh, I have FOUR books in my bag (well, one in my handbag for the morning, and three others in my hospital bag – hey, I don’t know what I’ll feel like reading!), and I’m hoping   is bringing another one or two on Saturday if she comes to visit (and find out Aurealis Awards results by live tweeting! V. exciting). Addicted to reading? Me? Hoping to be home by Tuesday, but if I’ve got a single room and I’m sleeping okay when I get to rest, I won’t be rushing out 🙂

I’ll have my iphone, so will no doubt be reading and babypicspamming LJ and Facebook and Twitter fairly regularly, so long as they don’t confiscate it from me (and that the service is good!). Yes, I have the charger packed! So, look for news on social networks tomorrow afternoon/evening. Bye!


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8 responses to “Penultimate night!

  1. Anonymous

    yes and yes

  2. Anonymous

    Hope you got that single room!
    And if the night nurse asks you if you’ve already done a poo…say YES!
    XXX Thoraiya

  3. Anonymous

    all the best – hope it all goes swimmingly and bubba is healthy.

  4. Anonymous

    Good thoughts for you and bubs heading your way!!

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