It’s the final countdown…

B minus two sleeps to go! And you know what? I actually feel like I’m ready! The house is de-junked and clean, washing and ironing are up to date, the cupboards are stocked up on non-perishables, with a final grocery shop planned for tomorrow. My reviews backlog is cleared (my read-but-not-reviewed pile at least, but even the to-be-read is a lot smaller than I expected!), my edits for Worlds Next Door are exactly where I wanted them, and all but one story is out with the illustrators. Baby and my hospital bags are packed. The WASLA newsletter is all but laid out (waiting on minutes of the AGM, and I’ve got a little piece to write about the event that accompanied the AGM, but everything I’ve already received is in), and Shiny 6 is well on its way too. Kids are getting lots of cuddles and playtime, and husband is being lovely. In all, I’m quite delighted!

We had a good day yesterday – took the car in for a service, then just mooched around for the day. Cleaner came, which I was fully prepared for (having a cleaner, even once a fortnight, is an awesome thing – you get yourself more sorted out so that she can just CLEAN instead of tidy THEN clean…) and we had a short visit from one of hubby’s work mates to drop off his car, so met his wife and kids, newly moved over from QLD. In the afternoon we picked up the car, then Master Seven and I dropped in at my work to say g’day and see how things were travelling – lots of news, quite a few staff changes over the holidays, and LOTS of building stuff happening – I think this is a good time not to be there! Popped into the shops to once again take back a faulty DS game and post some parcels, then home and actually cooked dinner for the first time in a fair while!

Only downside of the past few days is that I’ve gotten very little sleep. Not sure if it’s the heat or something else affecting me, but I simply can’t fall asleep – have been wide awake til 3 or 4 am both nights. Still feeling okay, but eyes are very tired. Would love to have a nap now, but think I’ll try to avoid it and hit the hay early tonight. Fingers crossed it’s cooler…


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6 responses to “It’s the final countdown…

  1. Anonymous

    I’m impressed. I wasn’t that organised for either of my kids, but maybe it’s only with the third that you get that way… No way I’m going back for another to find out *grin*.

    • Anonymous

      Helps to have a few weeks of school holidays to get prepared 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Well with my first I was extremely sick with morning sickness the whole time, still working long hours for my boss who was in denial about the fact that I was actually leaving him and studying part time as well. Was never going to be organised for that one. Second, well there was no excuse. I was a stay at home mother, but she was lucky to have a cot to sleep in when she came home *grin*.

  2. Anonymous

    *is happily counting down with you!*

  3. Anonymous

    Best of luck, Madame. I have my fingers crossed for you and the littlest one.

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