I just had to say…

… that my reviews backlog is completely cleared. And I’ve not only written at least ten reviews in the past week (four for AsIF! – I’m neck and neck with Lorraine for the month, but have just sent in another, so might be pipping her! – and check out the cool new thing with the blurbies!, two for Magpies, and the rest for Fiction Focus), but also two feature articles. Wonders will never cease! The WASLA newsletter and most of Shiny 6 has been finished off today, so I’m cruisin’ and ready to rock when I feel like getting back onto the computer post-baby. Yay! Nice to start on the front foot, that’s for sure.

Of course, I still have a bunch of review books on my shelf that are yet to be read, but I don’t have to feel guilty about them yet. That’s a good thing 🙂


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2 responses to “I just had to say…

  1. Anonymous

    I might have to stop reading your blog for a while, at least until I clear my own backlog of reviews to be written. I get a massive guilt attack when you start gloating.
    Ah well, school goes back soon *happy dancing around the room*.

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