Five sleeps to go…

Didn’t achieve too much on Saturday. Stayed up far too late Friday night writing an 1800 word article for Fiction Focus, and so got up late and bummed about a bit in the morning, before packing the kids in the car and heading up to Cockburn Gateway. Big W raid occurred (truly, I only needed two baby sleepsuits, but somehow that managed to turn into two bags of "stuff"! Kids and I had leisurely lunch and wander about before continuing north to aunt & uncle’s house for small second-cousin’s second birthday party. Master Seven and Miss Four had a lovely time (evidenced by M4’s repeated pronouncements that this was "The best party ever!") and I had some nice conversations with the grown-ups. It was almost 6.30pm before I dragged my weary twosome home for baths and bed. Then proceeded to stay up too late AGAIN, this time writing reviews.

Today was a bit more productive. The weatherman was forecast 40+ for the temp, so after a reluctant but necessary foray to the shopping centre for groceries, I very sensibly declared today a computer day, and spent the afternoon inside editing! As a result, I’m now working on editing my final (bar one which is not yet back from author rewrite) story for Worlds Next Door. This is very exciting as it’s one less thing I have to worry about before bub comes. Will finish said story tonight, and send off a few more pieces to various illustrators, and hopefully can then sort of not worry about it til late February.

Didn’t do much else, except some washing which only just got to the line, but think I might watch the new Star Trek movie (which may have accidentally fallen in my trolley yesterday) tonight while ironing, thus ticking off yet another job. I did get four reviews written this weekend (with some very nice feedback from the editor of my new reviewing place for my first one for him) but still have quite a backlog of read-but-not-reviewed to go, so that will now be the non-household-chores priority for the rest of the week, along with finishing the Shiny 6 layout. I’ve started to gather WASLA Term 1 newsletter material too, so I could start putting that in order so it doesn’t have too long a delay at the start of the year.

Last doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning. Five sleeps to go!

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