Today counts as WIN!

Had a very productive day today. Slowly working through the jobs and getting things achieved. Yesterday we did end up with our grown-up visitor (Kristy) which was lovely. We had a good yack and a swim with the kids which they thoroughly enjoyed. Hopefully she’ll be back with her mum to visit bub in a couple of weeks. A bit more editing and soliciting of artwork for Worlds Next Door, unpacking all the DVDs into the cabinet and packing two boxes of books up, were about the only other achievements of note yesterday, but still. Oh wait! No, I also got Shiny 5 ready for Smashwords version! That’s pretty cool too 🙂

TODAY though! Was on a roll. I managed to:

* Apply for a grant – a little unexpectedly. Just kind of happened.
* Requested a few more review books, and actually WROTE one. May have also offered to do a feature article for one of the print publications I review for.
* Did a little more editing for Worlds Next Door.
* I got most cross with Miss Four about her toileting and packed up all her toys and put them in the shed. She’s now only got colouring and dress ups to do until she stops being lazy (it’s been a holiday problem…) Next threat is no more swimming in the pool! 
* Along with the toys, I took out the two big boxes of books that had been cramming up the bookshelves (pretty much my Dean Koontz and Stephen King collections). Replaced with some books that were on the shelf in the baby room because I needed that space, and rearranged the big bookshelf a bit – much neater. For now.
* We had a friend of Master Seven’s over for the afternoon. He’d not long arrived when hubby rang to ask if I could pick him up this afternoon, as his car is off with one of the car pool blokes. Got permission from kid’s mum to take him with us to the airport, and after they’d had a play and a swim, we went up there. Nice to have hubby home four days early – peace of mind for everyone!
* I also finally folded all the baby clothes ready to go in the drawers, packed the baby bag for hospital, did four loads of washing and got the beds made. Yay!

So I declare today (and, retrospectively, yesterday) a win, and now I think I’ll have a little rest 🙂

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