Worlds Next Door ToC

I’ve just realised I hadn’t ever posted the Table of Contents for the forthcoming anthology of spec fic for 9-13 year olds that I’m editing! So, pending any unforeseen changes (in particular, some titles may differ from the final version), here it is!

Angela Slatter    Genevieve and the Dragon
Michael Pryor    Horror Movie
Rowena Cory Daniells    Tabitha
Dirk Flinthart    Best Dog in the World
Dave Luckett    Disobedience
Kaaron Warren    A New Rat in Town
Thoraiya Dyer    Sir Pesky Poos-A-Lot And The Pony
RJ Astruc    Enid and the Prince
Felicity Dowker    The House on Juniper Road
Edwina Harvey    Rocket and Sparky
Launz Burch    The Trouble with Fifi
Geoffrey Hugh Miller    The Guardians
Jenny Blackford    Slugs and Snails
Tansy Rayner Roberts and Karyn Landelius    Nine Times
Aidan Doyle    Inksucker
Leith Daniel    Old Saint Nick
Jen Banyard    Through the Break
Sue Bursztynski    Mega Wombats and Demon Ducks
Pamela Freeman    Ghost Town
Angie Rega    Philomena Plaitbinder
Martin Livings    Welcome to Deathtown
Joanne Anderton and Gaston Locanto    Graffiti
Bren MacDibble    Moonchild
Matthew Chrulew    The Nullarbor Wave
Paul Collins    A Wizard in Trouble

I’m delighted with the line up, comprising established and up-and-coming Australian writers, with a great mix of sf, fantasy and horror stories. I’m more than halfway through my edits and have just started sending out stories to be illustrated (and I’m still seeking interested artists, pass it on!), so things are going quite well.


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9 responses to “Worlds Next Door ToC

  1. Anonymous

    Oh wow, what a great line-up!

  2. Anonymous

    That is a great lineup. And a big book by the sound of it!

  3. Anonymous

    What a great list! Congrats to all. Can’t wait to read the book.

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks Rowena!

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