Two days at home

After a number of very social days in a row, we’ve just spent two almost entirely at home. By 5.30 this afternoon, I was VERY ready for the children to go to bed and encouraged them as quickly as possible through baths and dinner – Master Seven was not at all ready for sleep though and was (most unusually) up and down for an hour – he’s apparently lost the sleep battle now though.

While I didn’t really feel like I did much, it appears I’ve crossed a few things off the jobs list. All the baby clothes I could find are now sorted and washed (some still on the line as I couldn’t FIT everything! Too many clothes…). In between laundry, I’ve managed to read a complete novel, read to and play with kids, do dishes, keep house reasonably clean, go to second-last GP appointment, play lots of Scrabble online (and winning a fair bit too, improving my average!) AND, most astonishingly, edit a massive swag of the stories for Worlds Next Door! I’m really delighted with this, because I’d love to have the edits done prior to baby, but really didn’t think I’d get there. The meet-up with   on Saturday seems to have jogged my editing brain though, and I’m on a major roll.

In all, I’ve got 25 stories at this point. I’ve now got 12 (that’s almost HALF!) ready for layout, 1 still out for rewrite (from way back), 4 edited and back with authors, and only 9 as yet untouched. Sure, they happen to be the LONGEST nine of the lot, but most of them are also only going to need very light edits. Is wonderful!

So I’m pretty pleased with myself. Seems that lots can be accomplished when you’re not rushing about 🙂

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