On being pregnant…

There’s a lot of things that you don’t get told about being pregnant when you’re a not-yet-child-borne female. There’s even more you read or get told about but don’t really "get" at the time. Then it happens to you! On the whole, I quite like being pregnant. I don’t enjoy the "morning" (all-day nausea) sickness I get like clockwork from about six to fourteen weeks, but after that, I’m pretty cruisey with the whole growing another person thing. This is my third full-term pregnancy though, and maybe it’s because my body is older, or less flexible and fit than it was with the other two, but things have been a little less comfortable this time round. Nothing major, just little things that are starting to make me look forward to next Friday! 

Those who would rather avoid this sort of knowledge until they have to experience it for themselves, you have been warned!

This may be in the realm of TMI, but this time round I’ve battled thrush almost from the beginning – never an issue ever before, but it is common in pregnancy. Annoyingly, nothing seems to have worked to get rid of it, so I’ve just learned to deal (with my fingers very firmly crossed it’s one of those things that just disappears once the body settles down to being it’s own creature again!).

Another thing plaguing me this time around that I had not experienced with the other two is really shooting groin pain at various times. This is has gotten worse in the past few weeks, but has been around since the second trimester. Muscle pain is another common thing in pregnancy (not just for the reasons provided in the link), and I reckon the reason I’m suffering this time is because I’m heavier than the last two pregnancies and nowhere near as fit (so, self-inflicted and really no cause for whinging!). Today was actually really painful (I was folding clothes and had to sit down!) but it’s usually pretty bearable. Again, you get used to it 🙂

On the positive side, I’ve not suffered at all with back pain or things like heartburn, cramps, varicose veins or too many of the other common health problems, or, even more importantly, the more dangerous problems such as gestational diabetes. On the whole, I’m healthy and lucky. But some things, you just don’t realise until they happen to you!


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3 responses to “On being pregnant…

  1. Anonymous

    Good luck between now and next Friday! I hate to think of having thrush for such an extended period! Thank you for sharing this – I always really appreciate info shared like this 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    No chance of going over – am having (third) caesar next Friday the 22nd! (Day before the AAs – will be thinking of you all from my hospital bed!)
    Still feeling pretty good for the most part – just have to have a little sit down sometimes 🙂

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