I could get used to this…

I’m REALLY enjoying holidays! Awake a little earlier than I would have liked, thanks to Miss Four, but out of the house by 8.30 to drop kids at their friends’ house (people are so nice about taking the kids without any provocation at ALL!). I then had a dream run up the freeway to my meeting place with   (was very early, but had a quiet cuppa, played a few games of Solitaire and sent a few emails while I waited). Had three lovely hours chatting after that (which would NEVER have been possible with the kids, not for that long!) and catching up on all her news. I continued my journey northward, making my way (slightly round-a-boutly I think, but I got there!) to IKEA. My goal was a new bookcase for M4, which I accomplished, despite being a little lost and a lot bewildered by the sheer size and scale of the place! Note to self: never take husband there! Quite painless really, and as I was running late by then and not really in a shopping mood, nothing else tempted me 🙂

Then it was back down the freeway to Vic Park and a linen party at my mate Kristy’s gorgeous brand new townhouse. I didn’t anticipate buying anything, but failed at that 🙂 Kristy and I have known each other pretty much from birth, as our mums were best friends from Sydney who travelled together in their early 20s over to WA and met our fathers (who were also best mates!). I don’t see as much of her as I’d like, but even after months or years of not seeing each other, we just pick up where we left off, which is nice.

Finally dragged myself the rest of the way home and picked up two very weary kidlets. Lazy dinner of KFC and they are about to get put to bed. I don’t think I’ll be far behind them, but I’ve declared tomorrow a rest day – swimming, tv, cleaning rooms and so on. We’ve had a busy week, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it! Lots of grown-up time, which I’m fully making the most of given how scarce it will soon become!

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