Nesting much?

With just over two weeks to go, I appear to be nesting. The house is astonishingly tidy, bar the spare/baby room which is still being dejunked (again – my husband seems to think that tidying the rest of the house means to throw everything into this room!). Have a moderate and totally non-threatening ironing basket to tackle in front of a good movie sometime in the next few days, the filing to do (not too much of it either), and some rearranging to do in that room to accommodate baby. I’m not putting the cot up at this stage, because we already have guests booked in for early March and Easter. My new bassinet has wheels and is lovely and will fit in our room, baby room, lounge, wherever, and I’m delighted with it! Fairly sure baby will fit it until after Easter, and THEN I’ll put the cot up.

New household configuration is working really well – taking the desk out of the spare room has made a heck of a difference, and now that Foxtel is re-cabled, the new lounge area is great. Will have to get new aerial point installed at some stage though – currently running a cable across the entry way – not ideal 🙂

Today I hope to finish off the spare room and then finally source a new chest of drawers for Miss Four – have been decidedly disappointed with the furniture shops here – will head to Port Kennedy today with hopes that more range equates to better service. Don’t really want to make the journey up to IKEA, but if I have no luck today, that might be next on the cards – hopefully could combine with a visit to north-side friends on Saturday or Sunday… (have just realised – duh – that I can browse products online, and may avoid going out in the heat altogether and just buy something over the phone!).

Master Seven has been doing swimming lessons since last Tuesday – a bit out of his depth I think but he’s being pushed, which is good. Husband has taken him each day since Wednesday which has been good for me – M4 has been going with daddy for a swim as well most days, so I’ve had a peaceful couple of hours in the mornings this week. Husband was supposed to go back to work yesterday but has stayed home with a dodgy back again – he came home with concrete burns on legs and feet last week and the hobbling about has thrown his back (particularly after doing deadlifts on Monday!). Visited the Bowen therapist yesterday and will head to work Friday, hopefully in good order.

Kids enjoyed their play dates on Monday – M7 went to see The Fantastic Mr Fox, which he enjoyed (and I dodged a bullet on – yay!). Cleaner and Foxtel dominated Tuesday’s events, and a not-so-pleasant day in other ways, but that’s all done with now. For some reason, I’ve become quite interested in the cricket, and have watched quite a bit of the test match – this never happens (though I’ve been known to enjoy a one dayer or Twenty20 game), and must be some strange side effect of late pregnancy 🙂

Other things to do in the next two weeks:

* buy M7 new school shoes
* sort and wash baby clothes
* get rogue trees lopped (second quote coming Monday)
* attend one-three birthday parties for small children…
* edit Worlds Next Door stories
* layout Shiny 6 (I think)
* draft out WASLA newsletter for Term 1
* write a whole bunch of reviews.

Ooh, had forgotten some of that – must get cracking!


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3 responses to “Nesting much?

  1. Anonymous

    Test cricket can be very restful – I have watched far more hours than you would imagine I would have.
    Yes on Shiny 6 – please feel free to kick my arse on it and I take notice I have less than 2 weeks for it.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll let you enjoy being an aunty for a few days first 🙂 Reckon you can give me something by Sunday tho?
      I’m still amazed by the cricket thing – I’ve always found test matches so boring. This one was perhaps a bit more lively than most though…

      • Anonymous

        The whole thing by Sunday or like something of it?
        I like test cricket – can craft or read or do chores and really not miss that much

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