Identity fraud or memory loss?

So I finally went to change my licence over from QLD to WA today. Let’s not speak about how long this has taken to achieve. I drive past the building every day to work, but it takes so loooong, that I just kept putting it off. But it’s done now.

Interestingly though, when then assistant looked me up, she found I had six demerits. Six? I knew about one lot (which turned out to be four points, due to being at the end of the Easter long weekend in 2008 – I’d dropped mum & dad at the airport on the Monday night after Swancon that year and returning home, didn’t slow down soon enough in the 80 zone coming off the Roe onto the freeway). But the other two points? Apparently I accrued them on June 4 2008 while driving a Toyota Yaris. I don’t own a Toyota Yaris. I don’t remember getting this infringement. I’m certain I didn’t pay any fine associated with it. But then, sometimes my memory isn’t so great! I’m now on hold for the second time today (tried for half an hour earlier) to try to find out more details and figure out whether my memory is shocking, or if someone has fraudulently used my identity when paying a camera fine of some kind. I’m guessing it’s the first, but boy, I didn’t think my mind was gone that much! Hopefully will get an answer at some time today!


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4 responses to “Identity fraud or memory loss?

  1. Anonymous

    Have you looked back in your LJ to see what you were doing on that day?

    • Anonymous

      I did! That’s a very geeky thing to do, isn’t it 🙂 Apparently it was a very slow week around that date. Nothing on that day, very short posts and memes in the weeks surrounding – no indication of anything unusual at all.
      Have just spoken to someone in the infringements section and it appears to be a computer (or human) error. The actual infringement is not in my name, and it seems it’s been accidentally attached to my record! They have to do more checking. Weird!

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