And now it’s 2010

On New Year’s Day we went up to aunt & uncle’s again for family lunch at Sizzler, then back to watch Ice Age 3 (or nap) and say farewell to parents (they flew out early Saturday morn). Home for a swim before dinner and bed. Yesterday and today have been very quiet. Had the tree surgeon around to quote removing a massive palm tree from the back yard, and a few other little ones from around the place. Little ones nice and cheap, big one not so much! Still debating. Also debating getting a quote to re-tile living areas – would be worth it, but not sure I’m keen to pay for it right now!

Very slowly getting spare/baby room and living areas sorted out after hubby’s furniture rearrangement. Foxtel comes Tuesday to re-cable for new configuration, and as cleaner also comes Tues, I really need to have all the crap sorted and put away (some of it chucked away I think!) prior to then. Have arranged play dates for both kids for tomorrow (one here, one not) – after doc appointment in the morning, I’d better have a productive day! Seem to be very sleepy a lot, although have perked up this afternoon. Usually most productive in the mornings, so this is odd! Don’t mind taking a nap during the day as long as I get stuff done on at least ONE side of it!

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