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Only day 3??

It’s hard to believe this is only the third day of a very extended break. Wore myself right out yesterday first shopping then shed cleaning. Really wanted to fill the skip up, so was quite ruthless. Found everything I was looking for, chucked a heap of stuff and restored some semblence of order to the frightful mess. Was so sweaty and stuffed by the end that Miss Four and I jumped straight in the pool. Bliss!

Shopping expedition was a semi-success. Bought a bassinet on sale at Target (which I took back today as it was missing it’s wheels!) and took my new watch in to be fixed (clasp buggered after a month) to find I’m going to be without it for a month. Bah. Still, also got kids’ haircuts, my eyebrows, groceries, successful Santa photo and some other bits and pieces. Calling it a win.

Today dropped in to say proper goodbye to daycare, and put in enrolments for later next year. Then doctor appointment (34 weeks tomorrow) and back to Target to return bassinet. Went down to Port Kennedy to go to Baby on a Budget and got bassinet I actually wanted! I think I’m in the *nesting* phase!

Might pop up to Willetton tomorrow to visit Education World for the first time. And need to get spare room organized for parents – have to hide baby things cos mum doesn’t want to know baby gender!

Time to drag kids out of the pool I think 🙂

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Nice day out

Today we had planned to head north, to a Big W (had to return an accidental double purchase!), aunt & uncle and then  . However, aunt is having chemo right now, and while I was pretty certain Miss Four is now fine, as are Master Seven and me (thank goodness! Either it was something she ate, or Dettol disinfectant handwash is a WONDER), it just wasn’t worth the risk. So instead of going to hot Cockburn Gateway, which we like but already know quite well, we headed south to the other closest Big W in Mandurah. A tweet after I asked if anyone was around,   said we were welcome to visit, which was great, as hadn’t seen them in a while, and wanted to catch up.

We headed to Big W with a few things we needed to do – I was EXTREMELY cross to find the game case (purchased two weekends ago in Bunbury) was empty! This was the second one in a WEEK! Apparently the register staff at places like Big W and Target are too stupid to tell you they can’t put games through at the main registers, leaving you with very disappointed small children when you find the cases empty weeks or months later when they get them for birthdays/Christmas! Couldn’t believe it! Bunbury Big W are posting out the game disk, but then I still have to go return it (ahem, already HAD it from eBay and hadn’t realised…). But anyway… Managed to find the few other things we needed, including the first box of newborn nappies, and more Christmas cards, which was more of a challenge than I thought it would be! Stores must be running their stock down, as there were no 20-packs of nice looking cards of a REGULAR size in the usual places. Finally found some nice packs of 10 in Woollies, but there was only a few packs left. I guess they figure if you’re leaving it this late… (I have started, but still have a few more to do!).

Then we headed to  ‘s, just down the road, and spent a lovely few hours enjoying their company and aircon (and a foot massage! Was wonderful!). There were some extra small children there, which made Miss Four very happy, and it was, as usual, a thoroughly pleasant afternoon.

On the way home, I decided I really needed a new digital camera, so got on eBay and found a second-hand EOS 300D (I have an old SLR EOS 300, which has two great lenses – all compatible with the digital version, but which I stopped using when I went compact a few years ago). I’m not getting the quality I want from the compacts any more, but didn’t want to fork out thousands for the new Canon DSLRs, so figured I’d see if I used this one at a cheaper price. New baby means lots of photos needed 🙂 Also found a slim-line, nice-looking, moveable bassinet online, so we might head down to Baby on a Budget tomorrow if they’re open and grab one. Never had a bassinet, but with a bit less space, the heat, and visitors due during the first few months, think it’ll be the way to go til after Easter. Then the only thing needed I think is a new cupboard/drawers for Miss Four, so I can pinch the baby change table/drawers off her! Still not entirely sure where all this is going to go. Thinking the desk in the spare/baby room might get the axe. Don’t need or use it anymore now we’ve gone laptop… Tomorrow, I hit the shed for sorting and chucking – here’s hoping it’s not *too* hot…

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Done and dusted

Well, that’s it. School is over, and I’m now on holidays and then maternity leave. Hard to believe actually! The week was the madhouse predicted. Had our doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, and we are booked in for January 22 for baby. That’s now less than five weeks away! So much to do between now and then…

Kept very busy all week, trying to finish off all those jobs that have to be done when one is disappearing for an extended period of time. We still don’t really know what’s happening in the library, but it looks like it’s pretty much going to be unskilled (albeit lovely) filler staff. Returning things to order when I go back in Term 4 may take some time, but hopefully everyone will survive 🙂

I’d been really looking forward to our final day on Friday, which involves carols (singing in the choir for me!) and mass, then staff farewells, final day of Secret Santa (we do a week-long event – I got totally spoiled!), then off to lunch at a posh location and afters drinks for those who want to kick on. As it was to be my last day with people I count among my closest friends (yes, I AM a nerd – I love both my job AND the people I work with!), I had even organised my babysitter to pick the kids up so I could stay out with them as long as I could. So of course, Miss Four starts vomiting at 11.30 Thursday night. After a big cleanup, she went back to bed, and was (mostly) fine for the night. I’m crossing my fingers for bad thickshake, but she still wasn’t 100% Friday morning. I tried to get my alternate babysitter, but she didn’t feel confident (being only 16) to look after a sick child for the day, so, with much reluctance, I took the girl to daycare (it was their last day at their daycare too!) with many apologies. She was okay, but not awesome. And I HATE it when parents take sick kids to daycare, so I felt terrible, but I had to try! Anyway, got through to nearly 10am before daycare rang to say she’d vomited again and I had to go pick her up. I was absolutely devastated. It sounds stupid, and it’s not like I can’t call in and visit any day I want next year, but I’m really going to miss these folk, and I had been so looking forward to the day. Anyway, I picked the girl up and went back to the farewells – sat outside, then my staff (who include my usual babysitter!) did some switching in and out with me so I could listen to the farewells. Afterwards, when the Secret Santa gifts and reveals were done, everyone started to head off to the lunch, so I began to say my goodbyes. However, my wonderful babysitter (who is temporary staff, and whose mum is one of my permanents!) then offered to still do her pre-arranged babysitting in the afternoon, so I could meet up with the leftovers in the late afternoon! I was delighted. So, Missy and I headed home, where we both had a nap, then a quiet afternoon (which, for the record, involved NO MORE VOMITING!!!) before my sitter arrived, Master Seven in tow, and I headed up to Fremantle for "drinks" (the tall glasses of water I had were just lovely!) 🙂 Was extremely noisy, and I’ve never been so grateful for non-smoking laws, and I’m far too old for bars now I’ve decided, but it was wonderful to have a final few hours with my mates. Left about 8pm, giving my boss and a couple of other staff a lift back (MUCH easier to talk in the car than in the noisy bar!) and was home by 9. Not a bad day in all, if not what was planned.

So, that’s it for work for a while. I have some things to take in next week, and I’ve insisted to one of the deputies that I want to proof-read next year’s diary before it goes to the printer! Other than that, I’m pretty much done. Will no doubt be calling in regularly for a cup of tea though while I’m on leave (school is only a five minute drive from home). Luckily, I have plenty to keep me busy! 

This weekend I’m hoping to catch up with   before she jets off for her holiday, and I have a skip sitting in my driveway that needs filing with junk from the shed before Monday. While I’m in the shed, I have to unearth all the baby clothes and gear to sort out. After a pretty full-on week or two, I also have a house that looks like a bomb’s hit it, so a big tidy up is also imminent. I think I’m pretty ready for Christmas, so just need to keep the kids entertained until Thursday, when my mum and dad arrive for ten days. No idea what plans are after Christmas, although for Mum and I, they no doubt involve shopping 🙂 And of course, I’ve got Worlds Next Door editing to do, among other things!  Right, better go finish my Christmas cards to post today. Always something to do!

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Seeing as all the cool kids are doing it…

Tee hee.

Young man, there’s no need to feel editormum.

Which song was this lyric from?

Get your own lyrics:

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Silly Season

Clearly, when it’s been almost a week between updates, the wind up to the end of the year is in full swing. Things have been an absolute madhouse this past week. Last weekend was spent marking final assignments and exams, then a couple of sessions of reporting early in the week. Was delighted that two of my kiddies were top of the whole Year 10 General English cohort (not so delighted that I also had the bottom three, including the only "E"! Interesting spread…) In the library, this time of year is nuts for trying to get bookhire and library books back in – lots of trees killed in the overdue notices process *sigh* However, this year we’ve done pretty darn well at getting things in, which means less invoices for poor office staff to organise next week. Making things worse is of course the fact that I won’t be BACK after the holidays, so have so much to organise/finalise to ensure things are as smooth as possible for my staff in the very hectic period at the beginning of the year! Not easy. On top of that, we actually managed to get the Yearbook printed and delivered to the school on the day we wanted it! While this was wonderful, and meant we had achieved our goal of, for the first time ever, getting the book out to students before they finished for the year, it also meant a mad rush to sort and organise the handout procedure. We also took advantage of the opportunity to really hammer home to kids that there are consequences of not handing in books (or having outstanding charges for damaged texts!) by flagging them as NOT being allowed to collect their Yearbooks if they had stuff outstanding. Not a popular decision (and not one supported by some teachers, which wasn’t useful), but it did mean a few bills got paid, and I daresay a lot more will come in Monday! Yearbook looks great, bar one errant apostrophe in a TITLE (damnit! Typically, it was a page I simply didn’t get a proper proof of) and, sadly, one quite important article that was completely left out. Am working on an errata insert to try to alleviate that problem, but still not good.

On the home front, we had Master Seven’s cricket wind up last weekend, Miss Four’s daycare Christmas concert and party on Monday morning, 32 week doctor appointment Monday afternoon, dinner out with visitors of three weeks on Wednesday (they then left Friday morning – will miss them!), Awards Night for my school Thursday night and family Christmas party put on my my school Friday 3.30 to 5.30 then Master Seven’s school Christmas concert and presentation evening from 6.30 Friday! Busy week… Which would be why social networking and editing duties have suffered severely!

I’m not sure I mentioned what a lovely birthday I had last week either! Got spoiled rotten at school – my staff in the library always go overboard with morning tea etc, and gifts too! Got True Blood S1 on DVD, plus a couple of Gold Class movie vouchers and a babysitting voucher to go with it! Will take hubby in early January hopefully! However, did go an experience Gold Class for the first time on birthday evening with a couple of the ladies from work – only New Moon was showing, but it wasn’t too bad in the end, and the experience of Gold Class was lovely 🙂

Next week will be less hectically paced I think, but still pretty full on, trying to get ready for actually not BEING there any more! Plus I’m certain there’s still Christmas presents I haven’t got organised, and a million and six other things that have to happen in the next two weeks! Hopefully this weekend will be relatively restful, girding loins for the busyness ahead! Couple of important things on the agenda are:
* Doctor appointment Tuesday morning that will hopefully result in firm baby date
* last day of school (with Christmas luncheon) Friday
* Mum and Dad fly in Christmas Eve, preceding a very busy couple of days with the extended family

And I really must write some Christmas cards and post them at some point real soon! Busy!

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