Two days in review

Mum and I had a lovely morning yesterday – hubby took Master Seven to his swimming lessons, so we left Dad at home with a book and some peace and took Miss Four to the shops. Mum got her hair done, we both got pedicures, and I got my nails done, which looks great, but has badly affected my typing speed! iPhone access not too bad, but have to get used to pressing with pad of finger rather than tip! We then wandered up and down the shopping centre fairly aimlessly and managed not to buy too much.

Came home and had a rest with M4, then got up and got ready for the Gold Class experience. Hubby was most impressed with the seats and food etc at our new Gold Class, and thoroughly enjoyed Avatar in 3D, as did I. Visually awesome, and I really enjoyed it – sure, I’ve read all about the flaws, but it was still a spectacular movie. And I was very impressed with the portrayal of the females.

Today was very slow to start – hubby too both kids to swimming and they didn’t get home for a good few hours (waterslide a big drawcard). Mum and Dad puttered about getting packed up, and at about 1.30, Mum, Dad, M4 and me jumped in the car for long touristy drive up to aunt & uncle’s, via Fremantle and Westfield Carousel. I only stayed an hour, and Missy and I came back home, to find that husband had taken up my only semi-serious suggestion to rearrange the house! We had a lovely big tiled area adjacent our kitchen that was being completely under-utilised, so he’s moved the telly and lounge into that space, and bookshelf and other cabinets into dining/lounge space. We’ll also move the not-used office desk into this space to hold the printer and the phone and modems, which gives me space in the spare/baby room for what needs to go in there. Win! Fresh start to the new year, but does mean I’ve got some sorting and rearranging to do – hubby is good a big picture, not so much on the detail…

Anyway, happy 5th wedding anniversary to me, happy new year to everyone else! May try to attempt a year in review at some point, and will blog the final books read tally in the next day or so as well. Hope you have a safe and fun night – it’s nearly sleep time for me (at not quite 8pm!). May 2010 bring you every happiness and fulfilment that 2009 did, and much more!

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