That hectic Christmas period

It’s amazing how quickly six days fly by! I’ve been reading LJ and Facebook and Twitter but haven’t really had a chance to sit and do a proper update. So, since the day before Christmas, here goes…

Christmas Eve went pretty well as planned, bar the unexpected and very pleasant addition of a cuppa with   and two kids again! She brought a young one up for a driving test and Twitter facilitated a quick catch up which was lovely. Spider-man tried to kick us out early but I said it just wasn’t possible, so at around 11 he came as arranged and we left home for the day. Headed straight up to the airport which was quite early, but we had planned that. Lunch at the airport DOME and then we braved security to wait for parents. Flight was a bit late, and but the kids were gorgeous when Mum & Dad finally arrived. They’d travelled business class thanks to the generosity of aunt & uncle with frequent flyer points, so had some interesting stories to tell! Didn’t take long to get luggage as a consequence, then we headed down to Parkwood, via a not-too-busy Riverton Plaza to grab some goodies.

Cousin Holly and her other half were slaving in the kitchen when we got there, and pretty much didn’t stop till dinner was served – apparently Uncle Rex had been working for two full days prepping as well! But Auntie Gene was determined to have a full sit-down formal Christmas Eve dinner and that’s what she got. We ended up with 19 adults and five kiddies, and given that almost all of them were my Dad’s family, things were pretty raucous, which was lots of fun. Caught up with cousins I hadn’t seen for a while, and that’s always good. Cousin Tris, over from the Dominican Republic with his Chilean wife and not-quite-two-year-old daughter (whom none of us had met), was a bit crook unfortunately, but his little girl was gorgeous and taught us all to say "gracias" instead of thank you 🙂 Mum and I and Miss Four came home around 9.30 as we were all stuffed, while Dad and Master Seven stayed (but, interestingly, went to bed not long after we left, while the others partied on!).

We got up very early Christmas Day in order to be back up to Parkwood for present opening. Pulled in to the driveway at 7am, only to find that hardly anyone else was up yet! Dad and uncle and M7 came out as we went in to go for a walk. When they came back, we let the kids have one present each, then made them wait until after breakfast for the rest. I was reading tweets etc saying people had been up since 4.30 and so on with present-mad kiddies, so we must have been quite cruel! Lots of lovely gifts when we eventually got to the pressies.

For some reason I was exhausted after that, so disappeared to the spare room for a nap, interrupted a couple of times by M4, who lay down with me for a sleep of her own eventually. While I was napping, the bulk of my aunt’s family arrived for Christmas lunch. We know them all, but not very well, so kept busy assisting with serving and washing up and so on. We probably would have come back home mid-afternoon but M7 fell asleep and stayed that way for over three hours, so we didn’t end up leaving till after six! Still, was quite a pleasant day. Came home to a swim and a quiet evening.

Saturday we bummed around for the morning, then Mum and I geared up to brave the shops around 2pm – was not nearly as horrible as I feared and we got some quality shopping in, and picked up a few bargains! Sunday we went out with the intention of purchasing a built-in wardrobe kit for Dad to install in M4’s room, as we were pinching back the baby change table (chest of four drawers) she’d been using, but we had a MOST unsuccessful time. Bunnings was HOPELESS, then we tried three furniture shops for a nice tallboy/chest of drawers instead and no-one would sell us anything (Furniture Spot and Fantastic Furniture, you suck at furniture supply…). Ended up home, disgruntled and hot, for more swimming and sitting around reading, which was nice.

Monday, my friend Jody from work came with one of her nephews for morning tea. We then decided to meet up that evening for dinner and a Sherlock Holmes showing. In between, we had a minor meltdown when the new airconditioner (purchased only at the end of October and barely used) simply stopped! Was horrified. Was slightly weirded out when the bloody thing started again three hours later, on its own, despite having been turned off at the fusebox in between times. It still played up later that night, but has been on all day today and has been fine! Didn’t do too much else Monday, other than wash the outside windows and water the garden and swim. Holmes was very good and we both enjoyed it, so glad we went.

Today M7 started his swimming lessons – left M4 at home with Granna and PopPop and watched M7’s lesson – very funny seeing him attempt backstroke but windmilling his arms the wrong way! Then went to the bra shop for maternity bras, and the IGA for groceries, before coming back to veg out in the very muggy day. Got the car detailed this afternoon – very pleased with the result, although wasn’t all that impressed with the mobile car detailer himself. Cheryl from work came for afternoon tea, arriving at the same time as husband did (most unexpected as he wasn’t due til this evening!). Kids were both asleep when he arrived, so were mystified when they woke up (separately) and were sent outside to see the "surprise in the pool"!

And that’s about it! Tomorrow evening hubby and I will go see Avatar in 3D at Gold Class to celebrate (a day early) our fifth wedding anniversary, and NYE will probably be spent up at aunt and uncle’s again. I’ve suggested to Mum we might supply a quick and easy BBQ dinner though! So, more later (and hopefully not so long between updates!).

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