Finding it hard to slow down!

 We’re keeping ourselves very busy it seems, but even so, I’m pleased with the progress of jobs at home, and the nice tidy state of the house! Monday night saw a semi-unexpected visit from   and two bigger children, which was lovely – she brought lemon, lime & bitters (and ICE!) and we supplied dinner, and we had a very pleasant evening.

Tuesday we did a lot of driving. Headed up to Willetton to see business associates/friends made through work for an hour or so, and since we were so close to Sizzler, I took the kiddies there for an early lunch, which we all thoroughly enjoyed. Kids were EXCELLENT, and I was proud to be a mummy in a restaurant 🙂 Came home to have a cuppa with one of my work friends while the kids swam, then a couple of hours later turned around and headed north again to go to  ‘ place – hadn’t seen her in ages, and wanted to catch up before she buggered off to gallivant in Tassie, lucky thing! Came home laden with review and borrowed books – bookshelves starting to groan as I’ve had two parcels from other review outlets this week too! Had planned to borrow some books from my library for the hols, but don’t think I’ll be needing them anytime soon…

Had thought we might have a quiet day at home today, but the kids had other ideas. Got in and sorted out Miss Four’s room this morning, packing up a few boxes of stuff to exchange with some "new" toys in the shed! Then rang one of Master Seven’s mates to see if he and his little sister were free to come play – they were, so we picked them up, and after a quick stop at work to drop some things off and scan the Chrissy photo, we went to the Fun Station for a couple of hours, then came home for a big swim, and an afternoon of play. They had a ball, which was good (Missy now crashed out on the couch!).

No idea what the plans are as of tomorrow – have the pest control coming at 11 to destroy the spiders, and we’re off to collect my mum & dad at the airport. Next couple of days split between home and aunt & uncle’s house, then not really sure what’s been planned for Mum & Dad. Master Seven has swimming lessons every day as of Tuesday so we have to be here in the mornings at least, and grandies want to spend time with the kids of course, and there’s LOTS of visitors at rellies, so things could get interesting… Lucky it’s only a 40 minute drive I guess.

Have hidden all the gender-specific baby things away from Mum (she doesn’t want to know), and really better follow through on my promise to get the kids stuff out of the shed before dark. Hmmm, and dinner? Better go organise that!

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