Only day 3??

It’s hard to believe this is only the third day of a very extended break. Wore myself right out yesterday first shopping then shed cleaning. Really wanted to fill the skip up, so was quite ruthless. Found everything I was looking for, chucked a heap of stuff and restored some semblence of order to the frightful mess. Was so sweaty and stuffed by the end that Miss Four and I jumped straight in the pool. Bliss!

Shopping expedition was a semi-success. Bought a bassinet on sale at Target (which I took back today as it was missing it’s wheels!) and took my new watch in to be fixed (clasp buggered after a month) to find I’m going to be without it for a month. Bah. Still, also got kids’ haircuts, my eyebrows, groceries, successful Santa photo and some other bits and pieces. Calling it a win.

Today dropped in to say proper goodbye to daycare, and put in enrolments for later next year. Then doctor appointment (34 weeks tomorrow) and back to Target to return bassinet. Went down to Port Kennedy to go to Baby on a Budget and got bassinet I actually wanted! I think I’m in the *nesting* phase!

Might pop up to Willetton tomorrow to visit Education World for the first time. And need to get spare room organized for parents – have to hide baby things cos mum doesn’t want to know baby gender!

Time to drag kids out of the pool I think 🙂

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2 responses to “Only day 3??

  1. Anonymous

    You are awesome. At 34 weeks I was lying around under the fan daydreaming about a new back made of titanium.
    Merry Christmas wonder woman!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Thoraiya! Back has been pretty good (other parts are a bit more painful though!). Still feeling pretty darn good actually! Just need more sleep, but at least I’ll be in form for early baby days 🙂
      Happy holidays!

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